Friday, July 11, 2008

Post-Nick Swisher Experiment Findings

Yesterday concluded my little Nick Swisher LoveFest experiment.

Thank goodness.

Here are my findings:
  • On the days when I remembered to seriously send major love vibes out to Nick during his games, he did really crappy.
  • On the days when I forgot and ignored/was indifferent about Nick Swisher, he did all right. The first night I forgot, he hit a home run. Then I worked the positive mojo angle and he did nothing the rest of the game.
  • Nick's batting average was lower during this past week than his season average.
  • It is freaking exhausting trying to love Nick Swisher. It takes a lot of mental stamina and a very strong stomach. I'm pretty proud of myself for lasting a week, actually. But there's no way I can carry this burden by myself for the whole rest of the season.
  • I will, however, utilize this psychic super power at times of greatest need. Like when we're playing the Sox at the end of the month.
  • In the event we're in a pennant race with Chicago at the end of the season, I will pull out my big gun secret weapon, and I will write an email to telling Nick how much I love him. I swear to Joe Mauer, I will do it if the team needs me to.
  • If that happens, I'm pretty sure we'll either win or the universe will implode. Either way, problem solved.


Tricia said...

It seems as though your Nick Swisher experiment worked pretty well. I hope you didn't upset your stomach too much. I wonder if the entire contingent of female Twins bloggers did the same thing, have nothing but warm fuzzy thoughts for the entire White Sox team, if that would make them lose. A lot.

S.Rail said...

haha! Brilliant plan. Either way It's a win win!

Michele said...

Okay maybe others of us need to step in and love Nick. I mean I am a big old Lesbian and I will love Nick this week and we will see. I think it might be only your mojo that works

So I do not want to step on any toes.

Tell you what I will put his picture on my desktop and try and love him this weekend. If it backfires I will stop and it is all yours.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Ah, you are making a deal with the devil. I fully support you and will provide beer on the next I Heart Nick Swisher outing.

You are a very dedicated soul to put that as your desktop wallpaper. As a fellow Twins fan, I thank you.

annelynn said...

I LOVE it! a friend just turned me on to your blog, and I've been enjoying it daily, but going back through your older posts I found the Nick Swisher experiment. This really hits home with me, and I'm so glad the theory works elsewhere - I tried it out myself on Brandon Inge when we were chasing the Tigers back in '06. I hope the experiment meets with continued success!