Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pettiness on Parade

I'll admit, I got sick of the All-Star Game in the 11th inning.

In the 13th inning, I wondered aloud "Oh my god. Where is Juan Rincon when you need him?!" Because at that point, I officially stopped caring who won. I just wanted to go to bed.

Sure, I'm glad the A.L. won. Although, player-wise, aside from Joe-Squared and Justin, there were more players I like (or, more accurately, fewer players I despise) on the NL team. And there were a couple moments where I secretly hoped Dan Uggla would put one over the wall, just to redeem himself. That poor kid.

[Side note: Doesn't it seem like maybe the lineups should be flip-flopped and the top vote-getting All-Star position players should enter the game in the 4th or 5th inning to end it? I know it would wreck the opening line-up announcement fanfare, but I think it'd be worth it.]

Justin scoring the winning run was pretty sweet though, and ultimately worth staying awake for.

The one thing that this game put into crystal clear focus is the ridiculousness of the Yankees fans. Rivalry, Schmivalry. The jackass-y booing is one thing when the Red Sox and Yankees are playing each other in a division series, because I don't have to watch it. I avoid those ESPN games like the plague. But the All-Star game? Seriously? Grow up and give it a break. Of course of the introduction of the Rays players was even worse....pettiness on parade. Sheesh.


S.Rail said...

ooh Uggla. Poor Kid indeed. Everything hit to him was something hard to field. 3 errors in 1 game hurts...bad. I agree with your side note. The players that didn't start (kind of a 2nd String) got more playing time than the players that DID start!!

caryn said...

what you saw last night is what it's like being a new york baseball fan who's not a yankee fan. every day. in the subway. on the street. in the grocery store. "26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
the problem is that there are about 1/3 of the people who are there who love and know baseball, another 1/3 tourists, and another 1/3 who are there because the yankees win.

k-bro said...

I agree. I sooo wanted to give Dan Uggla a hug.

Oh, and you're right about the pettiness thing, too. I thought it was really dumb to boo players just because they happen to play for rival teams.

Steve said...

I thought the booing was awesome. At least they have some passion. If Twins fans cheered as much as those Yankee fans booed then there might be a little bit of life in the dome.

The players who are not voted are quite often the more qualified and deserving all stars. The fan voting has gotten better, but think of this. Michael Young, who had the game winning RBI, was tremendously more qualified to be on the field over Jeter. There are other examples.

Curlz said...

I totally agree about the Yankee fans...they are petty and heartless. I was disgusted with how they treated Papelbon (o.k. I think I misspelled that).

I do not generally endorse booing at games...the only time I can get behind that is when it's directed towards the Yankees! Give them just a taste of there own medicene.