Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Blog-Cabin: part parable, part manifesto.

If this blog were a house, I like to think that it'd be an off-beat little cabin somewhere quiet, designed by Frank Gehry to evoke the essence of the Metrodome (the GOOD essence, not the bad essence). There are lots of comfy chairs, and big fluffy pillows that look like baseballs. If you look out the windows, you'll find ponies, and bunnies, and maybe some fainting goats, grazing peacefully together. When you get tired of looking at ponies, you can flip on the giant magical LCD television that shows baseball 24 hours a day, even in December! The fridge is always well-stocked, and friends are welcome any time. You don't even need to call first! It's a nice, happy, place.

But yesterday, a visitor from a different bloghouse came over.....and I guess they must raise cows at that bloghouse, instead of ponies, because he tracked a lot of bull-poo all over our freshly steamed carpets.

Now, normally, this wouldn't bother me. I'd clean it up and be done with it. Sh*t happens, you know?

But a line was crossed. And forgive me, this is where the parable ends and the manifesto begins, because I'm running out of analogies.

Apparently my disagreement with the Bad-Will Ambassador for the Alright Hamilton bloggers, served as inspiration for a blog post attacking not only myself, but other female Twins bloggers who had NOTHING to do with this at all.

For THAT, I am truly sorry.

Because, if someone has a problem with me, my opinions, or anything I write, that's fine. Take it up with me. You want to call me out on your blog, that's fine too. Although, really you're probably better off just emailing me, because if you're the kind of person who will write a blog post just to brag about being a D-bag in the first place, there's a pretty good chance that I don't actually read your blog.

But DON'T mess with other people because you have a problem with ME. That's cowardly and pathetic.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for my fellow girl bloggers. I'd put their knowledge of the game and their devotion to the team against anyone else's. Every one of them has their own unique voice and perspective that is both valuable and entertaining. If you're not already reading them, you should be.

And if you don't like girl bloggers, well...your loss. But the last time I checked the statutes, reading a particular blog was NOT legally compulsory, so go read something you do enjoy and leave us to it.

And to my guy readers and fellow bloggers, please don't think that I don't absolutely love you too. I do. This blog is not girls-only, and I truly value your insights and contributions. It's just that I apparently triggered a gender-war here, and I needed to stand up for my girls. You understand.

People are free to disagree with me and anything I say at any time. But if you think I'm not going to defend my position and opinion, well.....that's a pretty silly thing to think. I freaking ROCKED at debate in high school and college.

I'm disabling comments on this post because it's just something I wanted to say, and I'll stand alone on it. If you have something to add, complain about, etc., feel free to email me. We'll chat.

I will get back to regularly scheduled ridiculousness as soon as possible. I promise. I hate having to go all street-fighter on y'all.

Here's a random picture of Lew Ford to lighten the mood.

[EDIT: Michael Haas of Alright Hamilton sent me an email to make sure I knew that Daymonster's post was not representative of his, or the other AH contributors', thoughts or opinions.]