Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NOW I Remember...

Things had been going so well for us lately, I'd forgotten what it's like to lose two games in a row. I'm sure the boys had too. But, since the Red Sox are all too familiar with that feeling recently, they've certainly been more than happy to jog our memories.

So, now we all remember the feeling.

It's unpleasant.

We can stop now.

I do take some of the blame tonight though. I was watching, and we were winning. I stopped watching to actually do something constructive, and then when I checked the score again we had somehow managed to lose. This is a mistake I won't make twice. I hereby solemnly swear never to do anything constructive ever again.


S.Rail said...

Ah! I know what you mean on how it feels. I was laying in my bed thinking: How? How did we blow that game? Ugh...I had the worst feeling. Yes, they can stop that now.

TelegaWoman said...

It's my fault. On Sunday, I said (out loud, even), "Do you realized they've won 18 of the last 20?" Of course I then clapped my hand over my mouth, but I think the universe heard me. Maybe you should continue to avoid constructive tasks, just in case.