Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mid-Season Awards

To commemorate the half-way point of this season, I thought it would be nice to recognize some of our boys' achievements so far this season. I made up some lovely trophies for a few of them.

Let's start with a nice, straight-forward one:

Congratulations to Brian Buscher for winning our Most Likely to Succeed award. No big surprise here, Brian has been stellar since his call-up, plus we love him. Brian's success this season makes the time we accosted the little punks sitting next to us for calling Brian "a stupid no-name player" a little more justified. I look for Brian to continue his Good At Baseball ways.

The Most Painful and Devastating Injury award is not necessarily given to the player who suffers the most pain themselves, but rather the player whose injury has caused us the most pain due to their absence. Pat Neshek takes home this '08 award. Pat's absence has not only been felt in the bullpen, but also in our hearts. Sometimes I'll be driving, or sitting at home, and I'll randomly think "I miss Pat Neshek so much." It's sad.

Matt Tolbert is Mr. I love my job. No seriously, I really LOVE it 2008. Pat Neshek had previously held this honor in '06 and '07. Matt wins the award because every time we watch batting practice, there he is, shagging balls or otherwise making himself useful, even when he still had a cast on. And he always looks positively thrilled to be doing it. That kid really loves his job.

The Amnesia Award is given to the player who has been the most successful at making us forget how much we loved the player they replaced. This year's award goes to Carlos Gomez who, good or bad, has been entertaining, exciting and intriguing enough to make us ask "Torii who?" Well, except the little girl sitting next to me on Saturday who kept asking her mom why Torii Hunter wasn't on the field.

Obviously, Alexi Casilla (if in fact that is his real name) wins the Most Likely to Have Been Abducted by Aliens and Replaced with a Clone award. There is no way that's the same kid on the field now. Every time I have a happy thought about Alexi and his newly found baseball prowess, another icicle forms on the gutters of Hell. I suppose I should be more concerned about where the real, original Alexi is right now. He might be tied up naked in the middle of a crop circle somewhere for all we know. But I like the new & improved Alexi so much, I don't really worry about it.


Skippy tastes better than Jiff said...

Hey Those Girls; you're new logo ROCKS--really!

TelegaWoman said...

I"m thinking some sort of "cutest couple" or something ought to go to Carlos & Alexi. I mean, bromance has become a regular part of my vocabulary.

Katie said...

Thanks skippy! I had to draw the baseball by hand, so I'm glad it turned out like I wanted.

telegawoman-you're totally right. What if we throw in some matching "BFF" necklaces with their pretend trophies? That'd be cute.

Erica was here said...

There are lots of contenders for the amnesia award- I would nominate Baker, Blackburn, Slowey, and Perkins for making us say, "Santana who?"

Hernandez definitely makes me say "Carlos Silva? Can't quite remember..."

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Love the new look!

Ah, bromance! Such a fantastic term!

John said...

ladies, this is brilliant. Thank you.

twins geek

S.Rail said...

The last award is the best/funniest award and certainly Casilla deserves it. He has really showed all of us wrong! By the Way, the new logo is awesome!