Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm highly anticipating the next 36 hours.

In 12 hours, I will be almost halfway through the midnight showing of The Dark Knight. Which has nothing to do with baseball, except in the sense that both baseball and Batman are totally awesome. When I'm baseball-less for more than 24 hours, my mind tends to wander to other Christian Bale in a Batsuit. [Side Note: Those Girls were once dangerously close to Christian Bale's Batsuit from Batman Begins, and our readers should be very very proud of us for not climbing over the velvet rope, touching it, and inevitably getting tackled by burly security guards. We have a tremendous amount of will-power.]

But then, just a few short hours later, Those Girls will begin yet another ridiculously early trek to the Dome to make sure we get Dirt Shirts. (Sleep is highly overrated, or so I've heard.) I'm also pretty excited about watching Josh Hamilton in batting practice, as I'm sure everyone else is. I'm also not-so-secretly looking forward to CJ Wilson and Ian Kinsler sightings. I'm sorry that I won't see CJ pitch though, because obviously, the Twins are going to WIN. (Boys, that not-so-subtle hint was for you.)


S.Rail said...

ooh! I am so excited for tomorrow becuase I am going to the game. I am also not-so-secretly looking for Ian Kinsler sightings.hehe.Oh yeah, The twins ARE going to WIN! ;)

Jessica said...

Wow sounds like great fun! Make sure you try to get a Michael Young sighting too. I kinda fell for him during the all-star game. Hee-hee.

I'm looking forward to the weekend too. I haven't watched the Rays since July 1st! Vacations are fun and all but that's a freakin long time! I'll try for a Barty sighting!

SARAH said...

I'll be at the game tonight too. I can't wait for the Dirt Shirt! :)

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey! I'll be there too. Man, we should have planned a reunion or something :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was at the game last night too, and I thought of you when I saw Embarrassed Cookie Kid. I spotted him down at the front of the section, then waved to him cuz I wanted delicious cookies. He waved back and motioned that he was going to go around to the next set of stairs. Then he disappeared in the concourse.

And then we waited, and waited, and waited.

"Where'd he go? Is he standing you up? Did he just not want to climb that many stairs."

"Seriously, he's coming. Maybe he had to get more cookies."

"He's not coming... it's been like 15 minutes. He just doesn't want to sell you cookies. We'll have to get cotton candy instead."

"What the hell? Where is he? Why would he do this? Clearly he saw me. He waved back."

"Oh my god! The cookie kid stood me up! I can't believe this! Does he know how many more games we are going to be at! I'm going to make his life a living hell! WTF! Cookie Man!"

"Wait! There he is. Here he comes."

"Hey! We were worried about you!"

"Aw... I ended up selling my last one. I had to go get more. These are very fresh."

(and warm... still steaming. all was then right with the world.)

As a side note, when I was first looking for him, they played We Will Rock You, and I made up a new chant,

"Where da, Where da, Cookie Man At?"

Then the douchebag next to me called me weird. Over that? Ha! Dude has no idea! If he thought THAT was weird he should count himself lucky Nathan wasn't brought on and I wasn't given the opportunity to unleash my Nathan "Motorboat" chant.