Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I KNEW that hardhat would come in handy...

You know, during the All-Star break, I'll admit I kind of took the bait and started to feel all nostalgic-like about Yankee Stadium's last season.

Yeah...I'm over it.

By the end of the game tonight (or my best estimate of when the game ended, because I stopped watching long before then), I was ready to pack up my Commemorative Minnesota Twins Hardhat and go tear that mother$%&#er down myself.

I hate the Yankees. I hate Yankees fans. I hate that our team regresses back to Little League every time they walk on that field. The '08 Twins are a better team than the '08 Yankees. Why on earth can't we play like it?

The following message is for Glen Perkins:

Glen--You are our only hope. You are our one and only hope to avoid complete destruction and humiliation. You are like Luke Skywalker, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Barack Obama all rolled into one. I'm going to need you to put your Big Boy Underoos on tomorrow and show those overpaid nancy boys what you're made of. We're counting on you. Please, I am begging you, don't let us down.


Mrs. Slowey said...

i blame myself for their loss last night...but i'm with you on helping tear down the MF stadium now, so that it stop haunting us!

The horrific loss just goes with my crappy crappy day yesterday. i hoped it wouldn't happen, but deep down, i knew it would. :(

PatGLex said...

Will somebody please hex the Yankees? Or unhex the Twins? Anyone know a Native American shaman who could provide some good vibes for the team? Maybe an exorcism is in order. Maybe we need to burn Babe Ruth in effigy? Derek Jeter? Ask the Sox or the Rays for the secret on getting one over on these guyus? I'd do it, but I live in an NL area where the AL doesn't even register. And there's no abundance of Native Americans here. I would be willing to burn an effigy, though.

S.Rail said...

Oh Geez. I do hope that Perkins can put something together today (and maybe our offense too). It's like they know they can't win so they don't even try. But they CAN win!!

Tricia said...

On your poll, how did you ever narrow it down to four? Was it a tough decision? All the Yankees are annoying beyond words.

Katie said...

I actually just picked the four that literally make me consider vomiting whenever I see them. That's not to take away from the douchebaggery of the entire line-up. Everybody sucks, for sure.