Monday, July 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Not Quite As Cute

I'd say it was a pretty fantastic weekend.

OK...Sunday....not so much. But I'm not really counting it. Both Sox teams lost too, so we didn't lose any ground in the Division or Wild Card standings. Apparently, we just ran through our weekend allotment of runs too quickly on Friday and Saturday. I'm sure, knowing what they know now, the team would have saved 2 of them to help Scotty out yesterday. Obviously, I'd have preferred a sweep. If I had my way, we'd win every game. But the Rangers are my AL-West team of choice, and with the Angels winning all 3 this weekend, I think it's OK the Rangers won 1 game.

Here are my somewhat scattered thoughts on the weekend:

The Good:
  • The winning. Oh, the winning. I really like it.
  • 20 runs in 2 days. Like I said, maybe we could have stretched it out over 3 days, but it's still good to see offensive numbers like that.
  • The bullpen. I hope this weekend was a big confidence booster for our runs scoring on any of them is a pretty big deal. Also, the bullpen kept us entertained on Friday, when we couldn't see most of the actual game due to a constant stream of people up and down the stairs, blocking our view. Apparently everyone was really hungry that night, or we sat in the Small Bladder section or something. Anyway, thank you bullpen, for giving us something to watch:
  • Ian Kinsler and his high socks. I know he's the enemy, but I don't care....ours is a forbidden love. I was actually a little bit sad that his hitting streak ended on Friday. In the 8th, Those Girls were just sure that he'd get a hit off of Crain. I mean, I wasn't super sad....just a little bit. Here's a picture of Ian spitting, which cheers me up:

  • The starters this weekend were phenomenal. Good job boys.
  • The Dirt Shirts we got are going to look awesome with our Twins hardhats....if we ever actually wear them. Probably after a night of hard drinking, when it seems like a really great idea.
The Bad
  • Did I mention Sunday?
  • I first read about Liriano and his agent on my cell phone, passing the time until we could get into the Dark Knight theater late on Thursday. To say I was pissed is putting it lightly. With postseason being a very real possibility, I believe we need Livan in the rotation, for better or worse. Going into October with 5 starters who have never pitched in a playoff game is not a good idea. And I don't think Liriano would be able to give us anything more than any of our other 4 starters already have. They deserve their spots, at least for now. Liriano had plenty of chances to prove himself earlier. He could have come to Spring Training in shape, having actually put the work in. He could have not sucked when we called him up in April. He didn't, and other guys manned up in his place. Tough break, Francisco. Stop whining.
The Ugly (Well, not really ugly. Just Not Quite As Cute):
  • On Friday night, I was stunned, dismayed and distraught to discover during Rangers batting practice, that C.J. Wilson got a haircut. It's heartbreaking. I'm sure he did it because it's friggin' HOT in Texas in July. But hurts.

And just as a little bonus, here's a picture of Michael Young, because Jessica, our resident Rays fanatic and fellow Jason Bartlett fan, likes him:


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

The Dirt Shirts we got are going to look awesome with our Twins hardhats....if we ever actually wear them. Probably after a night of hard drinking, when it seems like a really great idea.

Yeah, I am going to need to see photographic evidence of that!

Jessica said...

Thanks Katie! You rock.

S.Rail said...

Ian Kinsler and Brendan Harris Rock those high socks. I even got a picture of them together before the Friday game. :D

SARAH said...

Can we please take a moment to discuss Punto's mustache? Um, REALLY?