Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bromancing the Dome

In my previous post's list of things I liked about the Home Run Derby [A Twin wins, a heroin addict makes good, Chase Utley swears on national television] I completely forgot to mention the Joe Mauer interview, which went something like this:

Annoying ESPN Chick: Joe Mauer, it's Josh Hamilton and Justin Morneau in the final round. Josh Hamilton has hit 32 home runs so far, and is clearly divinely ordained to win this competition. Who do you think is going to win?

Joe Mauer: Oh, IDK...my BFF Justin?
It's not a literal translation, but that was the gist of it.

It made me realize that the adorable and over-zealous Gomez/Casilla friendship has actually over-shadowed the Original Twins Bromance* this season.

They may not be roomies anymore, but watching Joe lovingly camcord-ing best buddy Justin's Derby at-bats, it's easy to see that the bromance is still going strong.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck since...forever.

Ben & Ronnie on Make Me a Supermodel.

Christian De La Fuente & Jason Taylor on Dancing With The Stars.

The Bromance is a pop-culture craze. It's very in right now. Why wouldn't baseball players want to be in the loop on this one?

You could tell during the Derby that Milton Brandley wanted everyone to think that he and Josh Hamilton are bromantically involved...even going so far as to give Josh a creepy creepy backrub mid-contest. But you could see that Josh was totally not into it.

Ok. So he kinda looks into it in this picture. But he really wasn't. I swear.

That's OK, Milton. Hitch your wagon to whatever star you can find, you crazy bastard. Everybody knows your heart still belongs to Nick Swisher...putting a certain unique Oakland A's Prison-love spin on the Bromance phenomenon.**

The Twins team as a whole has really jumped on this particular bandwagon. We probably have more per capita team bromances than any other team.

There are currently 4 main ones I can think of:

Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau: The M&M Boys. BFF and odd-couple-esqe former housemates. They've been inseparable since the dawn of time, apparently.

Alexi Casilla/Carlos Gomez: Carlexi. Gosilla. Whatever you want to call them, these countrymen are adorable, with the secret handshakes, the dancing and their top of the order tag-team approach.

Glen Perkins/Kevin Slowey: They're tight enough that Glen let Kevin live in his house while Glen was rehabbing in Florida last season. Where most starting pitchers generally sit alone on the bench, when one of these guys is pitching, the other one frequently comes and sits next to him so they can chat. Very cute.

Brian Bass/Boof Bonser: This one might surprise people, as their bromance is not as flashy or publicized. But if you ever watch them together, you'll see that they're practically joined at the hip. In fact, they're so close they share everything now...including initials and ERAs.

Did I miss anybody?

Here's a little musical tribute slideshow I put together for this occasion. Enjoy!


*Actually, A.J. Pierzynski/Doug Mientkiewicz were, in my opinion, the definitive C/1B BFF Combo, but since their relationship predated the actual phrase "bromance," I'll say that Joe and Justin can be the Originals.

**Whenever I commit something like this to print, I become increasingly convinced that I have a sub-conscious death wish to be slaughtered in my sleep by an angry, mentally imbalanced, Ex-Oakland A.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I have said it before and I will say it again...you girls ROCK!

k-bro said...

What about Nicky/RedDog? I seem to remember Phil Smith writing about them being locker neighbors and Red cheering every time Nicky hit a good one in batting practice during Spring Training.

Terrific slideshow. It made me smile.

k-bro said...

Sorry, I meant to say "Phil Miller".

S.Rail said...

What?!?! Boof and Brian!? I would have NEVER guessed! They don't seem like the kind of friends. Glen and Kevin are together all the time in the duggout. The M&M boys have been together forever, and the biggest "Bromance" of all (in my opinion) is Gomez and Casilla. They are inseparable!

Holly said...

I just HAVE to read your blog every day girls! I love your devotion to the boys and your thorough understanding of them as people and players....and you make me giggle out loud.

Anonymous said...

Almost every game Jesse Crain and Dennys Rayes walk together between the dugout and the bullpen about the 3rd inning.

Curlz said...

Thank you! That was a little thrill...definitely made me feel better. I've been feeling a little pissy with the national media dissing Morneau.

S.Rail said...

Back when Rincon was still on the team, him and Reyes were REALLY close. Probably because they spoke the same language...

linda said...

late in getting to this. Loved the slide show.

Kayla said...

I honestly cried watching that thing. Thanks.

No, it was laughter-tears.



Krissy said...

I've noticed Nick Blackburn seems kinda jealous of the whole Glen and Kevin thing and seems to be wanting to join the bromance.

WinTwins57 said...

HAHA! LOVE this post! :) Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Honorable Mention:
Santana/Silva Bromance?