Thursday, June 12, 2008

Losing one for the Gipper

No matter what else he did or was, Juan Rincon was the senior-est member of the team. No doubt his absence today left a big void in the clubhouse. I'm sure some of the boys were sad. So, I suppose it's only to be expected that they would band together, and give one last show of solidarity. Tonight, knowing that their friend Juan might be watching, they took the field and proved he touched each and every one of them (but not in a creepy way), and that they will never forget the many things he taught them about how to play baseball.

And somehow, I'm sure they could feel Juan smiling down on them.

So, I guess I will overlook the big loss, mostly thanks to some major pitching issues *ahem*, just this once.

But here's the thing guys....tomorrow, we play Milwaukee. There's some pride and bragging rights at stake here.

Pull yourselves together!

So, here's what you do: Relax tonight; have a nice glass of red wine. Get "The Bucket List" from the hotel's pay-per-view. Have a good cry. Group hug. Get it all out of your system. Then get some sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and get to Miller Park ready to kick some ass. It will be better tomorrow, I promise.

Everybody heading to Milwaukee: Drive safe, and watch for flooding on I-94. Have some waffle fries and daquiris for us. And during the Weiner Races, cheer for Chorizo because he is a total badass.

In closing, Those Girls would like to officially thank Juan Rincon for his years of service to the organization, except for the last two. If he does elect free agency, as he has indicated he most likely will do, we truly do wish him the best and we hope he finds a new team quickly. We are, obviously, pulling for that new team to be the Chicago White Sox.


Jake said...
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Jake said...

yeah come on Bitch Sox! look at those '06 numbers. He can't really be that far away from there can he? right? come on please!

Anonymous said...

No doubt Juanie's farewell tour was painful to watch. Now, I would like to issue an invitation to Jaun's mother and relatives to post comment on "THOSE Girls" blog. They have been posting in the Strib calling fans rascist and claiming Juan was "verbally and physically abused." I took issue with the physical abuse, although the Sox gave him quite a beating recently.

Katie said...

Yeah, I've seen the comments on the Strib blogs. They should be glad he didn't play for the Cubs, or the Yankees, etc...They're not shy about their verbal abuse.

I've actually heard a few racist comments by "fans" in various situations... mostly by autograph seekers (and people wonder why players don't want to sign...) It troubles Those Girls. But I haven't seen one racially motivated complaint about Juan Rincon's recent pitching woes.