Friday, June 20, 2008

Looking Ahead

Those Girls conferenced via the telephone yesterday to discuss upcoming issues of importance.

Here are some of the conclusions we arrived at:
  • We are both excited about and dreading being in attendance Sunday to watch Brandon Webb pitch for the D-backs. His last outing was sort of my ideal would be for Brandon Webb to be mostly awesome and fun to watch, but with maybe one big inning of suckiness. In the event he decides he only wants to be awesome that day...I'm glad we're sitting in the upper deck so any potential bloodletting will not permanently stain our clothing.
  • We counted the days out and realized that we will see Livan pitch on Sunday, and then will make our return to the Metrodome on the following Saturday, just in time to see Livan pitch again, most likely. Which, we stress, is fine. Except that we have already seen Livan pitch a lot already. It'd be nice to see someone else. Plus, this means that all of Livan's Interleague appearances are home no batting. Poor fella. If Gardy were a pal, he'd shuffle things around so Livan could pitch at Petco on Tuesday instead. (Or maybe Wednesday....Peavy pitches on Tuesday.)
  • There is Universal Those Girls Excitement about Mini Michael Cuddyer Wind-up Walker Day next Saturday. Heck yeah.
  • We didn't specifically discuss this, but I'm super bummed that Eric Byrnes is on the D.L. for this series, because I love him. I'm bummed enough about it for this to warrant its own bullet point.


caryn said...

1) the mets have all sorts of ridiculous statistics about wins in various color uniforms. surely this is also kept for the twins.

2) i just want to know how on earth eric byrnes pulled BOTH hamstrings. no seriously. both

Skippy tastes better than Jiff said...

Wow, you were prophetic, Webb was mostly awesome with one sucky inning...uncanny!