Monday, June 23, 2008

Look! Baby Twins!

No posts all weekend. I'm a bad blogger, I guess. Sorry! I was pretty happy about this whole series though. Three great wins against a good team. Can't beat that.

Those Girls were at the Dome on Sunday. Now, normally, we're not wild about Sunday afternoon games. There's no batting practice. And while I'm sure it's exciting for the kids who parade around the field pre-game on Sundays, it generally makes kind of boring watching for us. But THIS was a GREAT Sunday, because it was the annual Twins Family Day!

The Twins Family Portrait '08

So, the kids parading around the field pre-game were Twins' kids. And they don't just parade around, they play baseball.....or a game that sort of resembles baseball. The little tykes were very entertaining. Hunter Crain was my favorite, but Casey prefered "Mookie" Redmond. But pretty much all the kids were adorable. The Perkins' daughter was supposed to be fielding 2nd base, but she mostly just played in the dirt and ran away from daddy. Mike Lamb's kids gave up after the first at-bat, and the Lamb and Everett families wound up wrestling around in the middle infield. The Reyes kids and the Redmond kids all gave 110% effort on the field....even tiny little Claudia Reyes (named after her mom, which I LOVE because it's very "Gilmore Girls").

Here's a couple video clips of the kiddies.

video video

When the teams started warming up, we noticed Carlos Gomez and Michael Cuddyer ran over to hug and chat with Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds. Upton and Reynolds totally mocked the sleeveless uniforms. At least, it looked an awful lot like mocking from our vantage point.
Justin touched Cuddy's sleeve (or sleeveless void, more precisely) and laughed.
I think he said something like "Sleeveless, huh? You know you play INDOORS, right?" To which Cuddy nodded, and looked slightly ashamed.
"You look ridiculous," Reynolds added.
Then, I'm pretty sure Cuddy told them to "Tell it to Livan."

The game itself was good. The cranky booing of Delmon Young's at bat post-error rubbed me the wrong way, but overall it was as good as I hoped. I got the big-inning against the D-backs I had asked Santa for, so I was satisfied. We swept a first-place team. The Cubs swept the White Sox. We're only 1.5 games back. Merry Christmas everyone!


dr gonzo said...

frickin' adorable.

wish i had been there to watch the series!

Anonymous said...

I was part of that cranky booing of Delmon Young post-fielding error.

I just may hate him... although I REALLY try not to. He's not making this easy on me.



L said...

That sounds like the best game ever. Baby Twins are the best kind. I remember one game, I think it was a few years ago, Joe Nathan was out on the field with Cole, and Joe would throw the ball someplace in the infield and his son would just go run and bring it back. So adorable.

And 1.5 games is like Christmas.

S.Rail said...

Such cute little guys...

I can faintly make out Kubel holding his daughter in the back row. I saw his daughter when she was only about a week or so old when Kubel came out of a Twins game pushing her in a stroller...