Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's flip-flop.

Whenever we play the Brewers, it always seems like WE'RE the National League team and they're the American League team. Prince Fielder was born to be a D.H. Whereas every day we employ the same "D.H. du jour" strategy that most N.L. teams have to adopt during Interleague play. I wish we could just flip-flop.

Way to go Kevin Slowey! If I could, I'd give you a pat on the head and a cookie for that pitching performance. You should give Glen some pointers for tomorrow.

This coming week is sure grand, opponent-wise. Detroit and Cleveland....My two least favorite teams. Goody. Throw in Oakland, and you've got a Trifecta of Evil.


Krissy said...

Hey, hey, hey what about the White Sux??? Have you forgotten Nick Swisher? He's a trifecta of evil all by himself. What's four - a Quadriga??

Jessica said...

That's quite a pop up ad you got going there. Girl on Girl action??