Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm secretly thrilled, but don't tell the Universe.

I'm a little hesitant to blog, say or think anything.

I am terrified that if I project even the slightest bit of excitement, happiness or general contentment into the universe, the universe will respond by promptly crapping all over it. We've won NINE! a few games in a row, now. In order not to jinx anything and thereby become personally responsible, it's time for me to play non-nonchalant. It's time for Those Girls to be all whatever.

If the Minnesota Twins team had a conversation with us right now, I imagine it would be something like this:

Minnesota Twins: Hey Those Girls!
Those Girls: Oh. Hi.
Minnesota Twins: Guess what?! We're, like, totally awesome right now.
Those Girls: You don't say.
Minnesota Twins: Yeah! We've won nine baseball games in a row!
Those Girls: Oh, is it baseball season? We hadn't noticed. The early rounds of Wimbledon are on.
Minnesota Twins: Oh...Kay. Um...we're pretty adorable too, you know. Well, some of us are, anyway. You should pay attention to us and our adorableness. Some fawning would be great right now....
Those Girls: Look! Euro Cup is on ESPN2!
Minnesota Twins: We hit homeruns all over Petco Park and everything! We made the Pads our bitches!
Those Girls: *Ahem* You mean "Padres."
Minnesota Twins: Oh yeah. Right. Don't you love how fantastic Brian Buscher's been? I bet you girls were cheering SO loud!
Those Girls: Shh! The NBA Draft is on.
Minnesota Twins: Wait a minute....You hate the NBA Draft.

And so it goes. I try my best to not draw the universe's attention to how awesomely amazing mediocre and completely unremarkable the boys are right now. I know it can't last forever, but if it could last through Saturday, that'd be awesome OK, I guess.

In other news, I would have gladly paid up to $8.75 to watch the Chacon grudematch in Houston.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

In other news, I would have gladly paid up to $8.75 to watch the Chacon grudematch in Houston.

You and me both!

S.Rail said...

Ah! It's so hard not to be excited on how the Twins are on this streak. I don't wanna be too happy, because then I think I am going to jinx them and then it'd be all my fault. But, I am so happy for them no matter what happens.

TelegaWoman said...

I'm usually a lurker, but my conviction about jinxing must not be ignored. I am trying not to use the word "t-e-n" at all today. And do not even THINK the "e" word.

Katie said...

ooh! good call. I won't say those words either!