Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have come to embrace my irrational thought patterns.

Ah, West Coast games. I imagine there were plenty of bleary-eyed exhausted Twins fans making their way to work this morning. Because you couldn't MISS the Twins playing the Padres, with Peavy pitching! Or, at least, I couldn't.

It was great wasn't it? Even though the Padres are kind of crappy at baseball this season, Peavy's still the reigning, and unanimous, Cy Young winner. So it's pretty satisfying to watch little Kevin Slowey go out there and not only match him, but pitch just a teeny bit better! And the homeruns in the 9th?! They were the perfect excuse to break out the celebratory Happy Dance! We love Brian Buscher so much, it hurts.

Aside from the game, this seems like the perfect time to share one of my completely irrational pet peeves. I hate, HATE, that the Padres get called the "Pads." Because it looks like "Pads" with an A, but it SOUNDS like "Pods" with an O. And I hate the word "Pods" because when I was little I used to watch the Gremlins movies over and over, because I thoroughly enjoyed scaring myself silly. But this would lead to nightmares that Gremlins were hatchaing out of their PODS in my basement. (See where this is going?) One time my mom had started removing some old wallpaper, and it was all shredded up. I asked what was going on, and she told me Gremlins hatched from pods and did it. I nearly peed my pants. I didn't...but almost. So, ever since then, I have very negative associations with the word "Pods." So when people say "Pads" that's where my brain takes me. Like I said, completely irrational. Plus, Padres is Spanish! Those Girls never miss an excuse to bust out random Spanish phrases in general conversation. Me gusta!

I am similarly annoyed when the Pirates are called "the Bucs." This is because it takes my brain several extra steps to get up to speed. In general sports related context, when I hear "Bucs," I think of the Tampa Bay Bucs. Or maybe the Milwaukee Bucks (although, is there ever any reason for the Milwaukee Bucks to come up in conversations?). Even if the conversation is clearly baseball related, I actually think of the Waterloo Bucks first, before my brain goes "Oh wait. Buccaneer is another word for Pirate. Maybe they're referring to the Pirates." Thankfully I rarely associate with anyone who refers so familiarly with the Pirates.


Skippy tastes better than Jiff said...

The "Bucs" disorientation is actually scientific. (Warning: No play on words coming or crappy puns to follow, so read on at your own risk.) From a linguistic standpoint, we can only pull language bits easily out of short-term store--things that are familiar or that have relevance to the context of the situation. Things that are stuck in long-term store are more difficult to drag out. It's like when the boss tells you to get the Selinski file at work and you realize the Selinski file is the basement and they don't even have metal filing cabinets down there--they put everything in those cheap cardboard file boxes because they assumed wrongly that no one would really have to get any files from there anyway, so why not put them in crappy cardboard file boxes. Anyway, it is the same deal with "Bucs;" you have to go to the basement in your brain to get that file, so of course it is difficult and frustrating. Does that make any sense? (Hey, I warned you to stop reading, so uhm no offense if you made this far and were a) underwhelmed or b) bored.)

PatGLex said...

I have the opposite problem with Bucs, since I was born & raised in western Pa. and the Bucs were my team for many years. (Like Twins fans can name players from the 87 series team -- okay, after 20 years in Minnesota, I can too -- I can tell you some of the players from the 60 and 71 Bucs champions...but not all because I am an old person and the brain cells are going fast.) That other team in Tampa? Yeah, different sport, but way too confusing.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Rational-schmational, when you gots a good point, you gots a good point.

Yeah, that made more sense in my head.

You Girls coming to the Dome anytime soon?