Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Five by Five.

I have definitely been slacking on the baseball front. I saw exactly one game of the Yankees series, and I didn't watch tonight's game either.

Friday was the Big Sex and the City movie release. And as much as I love baseball, I have waited FOUR YEARS for more SATC, so I had to prioritize. Saturday Those Girls went to the Dome for the butt-numbingly long disappointment of a game. I then skipped watching the next three games to try to make my heart grow fonder. I hear I missed out on a heckuva game Monday, but I'm glad I missed seeing Nick Blackburn get nailed in the face on Sunday. I would have cried. Did I miss anything good tonight? Didn't really look like it.

Without anything specific to discuss, here are my top 5 favorite things about Twins Baseball during this first 1/3 of the season:

5. The Twins Territory commercials. They were even better this season than last season. Who knew that Joe Nathan could top his bad acting last year with even worse singing this year? Priceless.

4. Even better musical selections at the Dome this season than usual. Great stuff.

3. Matt Tolbert. I never expected to like him. But he didn't really give me a choice, what with the being awesome and stuff. Get well soon, Matt!

2. The Ancient Art of Scoring Runs. We forgot about this part of the game last season, so I'm glad to see we're getting the groove back.

1. The Carlos Gomez/Alexi Casilla Bromance. In the scheme of things, it's probably not my number 1 favorite thing, but it's certainly my most favorite thing right NOW. It's just all kinds of adorable. The crazy patty-cake dancing, the hip bumps, the coordinated pissing off of Justin Verlander, the locker switches so they're right next to each other in the clubhouse. I love it all. Very entertaining.

Things I MISS:
5. Cotton-Candy Milkshakes. (Cotton-Candy Milkshake Man: WHERE ARE YOU?? I'm more than a little worried about you and your whereabouts.)
4. When the team DIDN'T wear the ugly sleeveless uniforms. Seriously Livan. Those jerseys are not flattering.
3. The Lew-w-w Ford Fan Club banner in the Cheap Seats.
2. Jason Bartlett. Everything about Jason Bartlett.
1. The Giant Milk Jug. I still miss it, every game.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

4. Even better musical selections at the Dome this season than usual. Great stuff.

I know! Who ever is DJ-ing the game is doing a great job. I wish we could request songs though…’cause I would request that our favorite Republican, Harris NOT walk up to Cherry Pie.

linda said...

I think the Gomez/Castilla my favorite new thing. Liked the comment about patty caking hip bumping. The article in paper about the guy who threw the Yankee homerun ball back was funny.
What would a good song for our......er.......favorite Republican be.....Hmmmmmmm

S.Rail said...

I call them Gosilla. They are like long lost brothers and look very similar. I too miss the milk jug. How could they take it away! It was a fan favorite :(

Jessica said...

I can understand why you miss Bartlett. He's only been here for a short time and I don't want anyone to take him away!

Nikki said...

I was just introduced to your blog by a friend & I love it. :)

However...I can't believe you liked the milk jug! I was celebrating when it didn't come back! Oh well, we can't all love the same things I guess. At least we all love the Twins.

Go Twins!

Anonymous said...

The CottonCandy Milkshake Man is totally MIA. All this AFTER we had an end of the season conversation with him last year where he told us he'd "be here for every game next year."

I think the Jamba Juice people had him blacklisted somehow.

Every game I go to the plaza looking for him... like a lost puppy. Then I cry a little.

FYI: Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month flavor, Cotton Candy, nowhere near as good