Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear Livan,

Livan Hernandez is worried that we're mad at him for not being so great at baseball right now.

That's sweet. I thought I better make sure he knows that we're still cool.

Dear Livan,

Don't worry! I'm not mad at you. What's happening right now is just your "Regression Toward the Mean." I know it's legit math, because I saw it on Numb3rs once. You're a .500 pitcher. You know it. We know it. It's why they brought you to Minnesota. You had a great streak there at the beginning of the season, which was wonderful....but now things are just evening out back to the average. And that's OK. I guess I can't speak for the entirety of Twins Territory (although that never really stops me from doing it anyway), but I kind of knew all along this was going to happen eventually. So I'm not really freaking out about it. No harm done.

Also, kudos for standing up to the Cleveland broadcasters! When Milton Bradley storms up the steps to the K.C. broadcast booth...that's crazy and a little terrifying. When you break out a simple "Let's take it outside and you can say it to my face," it's kind of awesome. Probably because I like you more than Milton Bradley and you don't really seem to have a history of mental instability.


P.S. I hope you hit a homerun during Interleague.


Steve said...

As a relatively new reader I was beginning to think your fandom related entirely to how "cute" the players were. Then you break out "Regression Toward the Mean" and my jaw drops. Bravo!!

I'm hooked. You're RSS feed is now in the same folder as Baseball Prospectus.

PatGLex said...

Hey, Steve, I read The Girls right after Howard Sinker in the Trib. (Oh, yeah, and the daily game report, seeing as I live about a 15-hour drive from MSP now.) As far as I'm concerned they are worthy successors to the great Batgirl.