Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blue is better.

My warm fuzzy for the day came when I read in Phil Miller's blog that Carlos Gomez's wife fixed up some home-cookin' for Alexi Casilla because she's afraid he's not eating right. Ugh, those two (well, three counting Gerandy) are TOO cute. Phil sure does have an eye for the adorable....which is both surprising and AWESOME.

Q: How happy was I to see the blue jerseys back?

A: So, SO very happy. The blue jerseys are like the opposite of the sleeveless jerseys. While no one looks particularly good in the sleeveless jerseys, everybody looks hotter (or at least better) in blue. It's just basic physics. Or something.

Photographic evidence:
Joe Nathan looking just "eh, OK."

Joe Nathan looking smoking hot.

I rest my case.

Those Girls figured that with Boof's move to the 'pen, there were two likely outcomes:

A) He would work hard, kick ass and redeem himself.
B) He would console himself with a very different sort of "slider" on secret late-night trips to White Castle.

I'm proud of him for seemingly choosing option A. Good job, Boof! And yes, don't worry, you are still my very favorite boyfriend, even in the bullpen. I am both faithful, and stubborn in that regard.

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Mrs. Slowey said...

I have missed the Navy jerseys as well! I had two weird people in my apt. main building watching the game with me...which if they would have been losing and in the crap jerseys i might have left, but I couldn't bring myself to leave early because a. I miss the navy, and b. Joe Nathan in the navy. I really really miss seeing Joe Nathan in the navy...yum!!