Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

This Rockies series is the one that I've been most excited about since the schedule came out. The anticipation of it is really what got me through the disastrous Toronto series. So, I was a little pissed when a migraine yesterday left me unable to watch the game and begging for a swift death.

Heavily medicated, I was able to watch it this afternoon. So, I guess that's OK. It's just not the same though.

So many high points....

  • I love Coors Field. Especially the bullpen, because it looks like the pitchers are playing catch in the woods.
  • I love playing by NL rules. Nick Blackburn's first major league hit was awesome. Good Job Nick.

  • Delmon had a great night. He probably would have been in line for an official Boyfriend award, except....
  • Carlos Gomez nearly killed himself winning the game. Sorry Delmon, but I'm a sucker for a guy willing to shed blood to win.

[And a retroactive hug goes to Matt Tolbert for also getting broken on Thursday. Matt has really grown on Those Girls and we are going to miss him a lot while he is repairing himself.]

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Becca said...

Hi Katie,
I hope you are feeling better today! I get migraines also and I've wished for a swift death more than once. That's about the only thing that will keep me from watching the Twins.