Sunday, May 25, 2008

Punto's on the mend, but I'm torn.

Let's just glaze over the 19 (NINETEEN!) runs Detroit scored against us,. [Dear Boof, you break my heart. Please stop.] shall we? Trust me, it's so much better for your blood-pressure if you just pretend it didn't exist. I stopped watching at 12 runs. I believe in baseball magic....but there isn't enough baseball magic in the universe to make that game remotely winnable.

Reports say that Nick Punto is healing up nicely and should be back from the DL sooner rather than later. Which means we have to say good-bye to one of our call-ups soon. I'm glad I don't have to make the decision as to who...because that decision would be a lot harder for me than I would've thought.

A couple months ago, I wouldn't have had to even think for a split-second about it. The answer would have been mind-numbingly simple: "Alexi. Send Alexi back." I just didn't like the kid. I'll admit it. He irritated me, and he just didn't seem very good at baseball. But since this last call-up, he's starting to prove me wrong. And I love it. He gets on base now. Sometimes he hits homeruns even. And while he still makes some defensive oopsies, they don't seem to be nearly as frequent or as aggravating as they used to be (or maybe I'm just getting soft). Plus, the more he hangs out with Carlos Gomez, the more coolness credits he earns. I have a lot of respect for the improvements Alexi seems to have made to his attitude and general baseball skill set.

Matt Macri just got here, so I'd like him to stick around a bit longer so we can see what he's got. Plus, he was awesome tonight. Plus, I love him.

Then there's Howie Clark, who I'd be willing to bet will be the first one sent back down. Which makes me kind of sad, because he's got the great story. He's Livan-old, been shipped all over the majors and just getting the call. It makes you root for him to succeed, like in a Disney movie. And he was the RBI Hero of that long and crazy-ass Texas game, which equals instant emotional attachment for me.

Honestly, I'll be a little sad to see any of them go. My solution, if I got to come up with solutions for such things, would be to send Juan Rincon down instead. Of course, that leaves us short in the bullpen. So, I'd just sit down with our extra infielders and explain that in exchange for letting them all stay in the Bigs, they had to agree that if we got in a bind and ran out of fresh arms, whichever one(s) were on the bench would have to whining. I see that as a win-win. They get to stay in the line-up, and I get the entertainment of watching position-players pitch.


AnnaM said...

Send Howie down. Yeah he helped us win that game, but he was also in the Mitchell report. The first thing I think of when I see his name is that.

Katie said...

Good argument. Can we also still send Rincon down too, though? Same argument, plus worse at baseball. Getting rid of Rincon is really a key component of all of my imaginary baseball strategies.

Rob said...

Well, you've read my first blog, so you know I agree with sending Rincon down. I would prefer he be designated for assignment instead.....but we can't win 'em all.

Most likely it will be Howie Clark, since Macri is a right-handed batter and gives us another option instead of Lamb when lefties are on the mound.