Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miraculous Mike

Wow. I never thought I'd say this, but....Mike Lamb is totally my boyfriend tonight.

Although, it looks like I might have to get in line:

I'll admit, I doubted him. When Carlos walked in the 9th (Mike Lamb is the Boyfriend and Carlos Gomez's clearly been a very bizarre night), I was disappointed. I had a lot more hope of Carlos pulling off a magical and potentially game-winning miracle. I kind of just expected Mike Lamb to ground out quietly. But then Carlos stole 2nd...and I started to believe maybe, just maybe, Mike Lamb could be a hero. I screamed at him through the television screen. "JUST HIT SOMETHING!" And then he did. And now I love him.

Those Girls had previously held the stance that Mike Lamb would have to do something "pretty miraculous" to warrant an official Boyfriend title. And god bless him....he came through with exactly that.

The best part about a game like this? There are a ton of folks who left early that are probably really pissed off at themselves right now. Rightfully so. THIS is why you stay til the very last out, people.

My least favorite part of the game? Taking Boof out, only to put Rincon in to allow the go ahead runs to score. BOOF could have stuck around and done THAT himself. Rincon ranked 15th worst in the major leagues last season for inherited runners allowed to score. I hate that sinking feeling I get in my stomach whenever he takes the mound and we don't have at LEAST an eight run lead. With Carlos Silva gone, I may have to rename my baseball ulcer "Juan."

My other least favorite part of the night was learning Pat Neshek's fate. I'd been checking for updates all day, and the longer there was no word, the more I started to assume the worst....and I wasn't wrong. No more guaranteed high socks :( Brendan only wears them sometimes. I think, as a show of team solidarity, EVERYONE should wear them all the time. For my enjoyment Pat.


S.Rail said...

Ah, that Rincon. He is such a goof ball. Everyboday hates him, so at the game last Sunday, me and my friend held up a sign that read: WE LOVE RINCON! Just to make him pitch better...for once.

Jessica said...

I don't care if you have to sacrifice a lamb, just keep beatin those sawks for us!