Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maybe I'm just psychic.

I don't say this very often, but I wasn't very excited to see Joe Nathan take the mound tonight. I was so happy and excited for Nick Blackburn, it was a huge let down to see Gardy walk out there and make Nick give him the ball in the 9th. I was sad and irritated by it, and did something very very out of character and shut the game off right then. I had some dishes to wash and other odds and ends to take care of, so I thought I'd get an earlier start on it. When I finished all that, I popped some Tylenol PMs and decided to check the final score online while waiting for the pills to kick in.

I was greeted with the loud headline proclaiming NATHAN BLOWS SAVE AFTER BLACKBURN'S SOLID START.

I tuned back in for the top of the 11th, feeling a little guilty, convinced that I had made this happen with my mind....maybe Joe Nathan's ego was bruised because I wasn't particularly interested in watching him pitch tonight.

Luckily, the Twins won, so my disinterest did no significant damage.

Maybe I'm just psychic though, and my subconscious convinced me to turn the game off to spare me (and my neighbors) the loud naughty-word rant that would have no doubt resulted if I had actually watched it unfold in real-time.

This way, all's well that ends well. Thank goodness.

Other tidbits:

The K.C. broadcast team had a great description of Carlos Gomez's first swing of the game: "Carlos Gomez with the fake bunt and swing for I-70." I know it's not the most efficient or particularly helpful of lead-off strategies....but I love it when he does that.

I want to start fining people for saying any derivative of this sentence: "Joe Mauer still has not hit a home run this season." Because I do not CARE. As long as he keeps hitting and getting on base, I don't care if he never hits a homer again. Seriously. Maybe if people would stop talking about it, it might happen by accident.

Alexi Casilla was kind of badass when he broke up that double play at 2nd. It was awesome.

I find myself oddly drawn to Billy Butler. I don't know why. If I was a Royals fan, I would definitely be on that bandwagon.

If you say "ash bats" it sounds a lot like "assbats."

The heckler at the end of the game was pretty amusing....screaming at the ump. I liked when he loudly informed the world: "You've missed FOUR calls now!" Apparently he'd been keeping a running tally. I hope he included the "foul" ball Cuddy hit that was probably NOT foul in his count.

The K.C. broadcasters humorously tried to "cover up the evidence" after that call.


k-bro said...

Yes, the Force was strong when Gardy made that slow walk to the mound. I also knew there was no way that taking Blackburn out was gong to end well. I was screaming at the TV, telling Gardy to go back and sit down. Of course he didn't listen.


caryn said...

watching the out of town scoreboard while at shea last night, thought of you all (that includs jen), and listened to stupid people behind us try to talk knowledgably about the twins.

emphasis on 'try'

James said...

I enjoy the KC tv announcers. Ryan LaFever (I dont know how to properly spell his last never) is the lead guy. He cracks me up.

Becca said...

I just sat in stunned silence after that in the park home run. Joe Nathan didn't blow the game last night, Delmon Young did.

Katie said...

And yet....there he is in the lineup again tonight. hmph.