Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'll take Korecky for the win, please

During Spring Training, if anyone had told me that a few months later I'd be torn between Alexi Casilla, Bobby Korecky and Howie Clark as my favorite player in a game, I'd probably have punched them in the guts for being a dirty liar.

But dear lord....I kind of love all three of them. Way to man up and get the job done, boys.

There were definitely some things about this game that I did NOT love: Boof's 7th inning meltdown. Reyes/Crain/Rincon. Lots of stranded runners. etc.

But aside from the bad stuff...this was kind of the most awesome game ever. The only thing missing was making a position player pitch. We'll have to wait for a different game for that though, when we don't run through our bench players completely. [Possibly tomorrow, since Brian's our only fresh arm.]

Yup, this game had a lot of my favorite things. Like ....Boof not losing, getting to look at C.J. Wilson without losing to him, pitchers batting, and a walk-off win. Seriously, we were one robot-dinosaur away from my idea of a perfect game.

Bobby Korecky got his first major-league hit, his first major-league win and his first turn as Those Girls' Boyfriend. He apparently got so excited about it that his shirt "accidentally" came off.

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S.Rail said...

I had a choke attack on my mike n' ikes when Casilla hit that homer...He's trying to prove everyone wrong, but in my mind, he's still a goofball