Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dress-Me-Up Brendan

Thanks to Joe C. outing Brendan Harris as a Republican way back when, and Brendan's unfortunate choice of Warrant's "Cherry Pie" as his walk-up music*, I'm left feeling a little off about him. I just keep picturing some weird mash-up of him, John Ashcroft and the skanky stripper-girl from "Bring It On." It's gross.

And that's just not right. Brendan is both adorable and reasonably good at baseball. I don't want to have his taste in politics or music affect how I feel about him on the field.

I thought maybe it would be easier for me to really like Brendan if I could picture him the way he would be in a perfect world.

Picturing it wasn't enough though. I needed visual aids. So, I created the Dress-Me-Up Brendan Doll.

Click to enlarge.
Print, cut, assemble and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Dress-Me-Up Brendan comes complete with 2 inter-changeable hoodies he can wear over his uniform to keep him warm: Obama '08, and the Shins. That boy sure has good taste!

I feel so much better now.

Oh yeah....Justin was totally the Boyfriend from the second Sox game, I just never got around to posting it. Poor Justin....I'm sorry for neglecting you.

*I really need the "Cherry Pie" thing to be a joke. A funny, funny inside joke. That has nothing to do with strippers.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Thank you! No one should EVER walk up to "Cherry Pie." A walk up song should either a.) Pump you up or b.) Strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.

Love the paper doll version!

Tricia said...

Maybe all of us liberal bloggers should chip in and buy Brendan an Obama '08 t-shirt. A hoodie might be too pricey. Or maybe we should just pretend we don't know he leans to the right. Hmm..what a dilemma, because he is cute and pretty good at baseball. Well, I guess nobody's perfect.

TwinsGoddess said...

That is fabulous.

Becca said...

Funny how Brendan hits his home runs to LEFT field. I really don't care about his politics. He's cute and as long as he keeps racking up the hits, whatever!

linda said...

It is terrible, but every time Brendan gets up to bat I say "There is the REPUBLICAN". It is silly to hold that against him, but i can't help it.