Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't you hate it when that happens?

I didn't watch the game tonight, because it was the 2 hour Dancing With the Stars 100th Show Extravaganza. Which is a little embarrassing to type, but whatever. I have my reasons.

I had intended watch the game later, so I hid my phone, avoided peeking at scores online during commercial breaks, etc.

But just before I was set to sit down and watch it, I checked the Indiana primary results, and accidentally saw a headline about Floyd almost having a no-hitter. So......nevermind.

I almost feel bad for Floyd for missing out on it. (Almost.) I'd probably even nominate him for cross-franchise hug....except I'm still pretty creeped out by the Blow-up-Gate Scandal. (God only knows where his hands have been.) I was so, SO not surprised to see that Nick Swisher seems to have been one of the instigators. Trashy, gross, vulgar, offensive....with just a dash of certifiable insanity. Yes, this little stunt has "Nick Swisher" written ALL over it.

And since I don't really feel bad for Gavin Floyd, a hug and a pat on the head to Joe Mauer for ruining his night. Good job, Joe!


MPLS Fats said...

It was a very ugly game to watch. It wasn't like the Sox pitcher dominated either, he just threw so much junk out of the zone that we kept swinging at and thus we made a lot of week outs. It reminded me of Zito's playoff game against the Twins 2 years ago. Very frustrating. So I would consider yourself lucky for having missed it.

So who won the dancing with the stars, Emmett Smith or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

Jessica said...

Joe Mauer is such a nice guy that he actually looked distraught about hitting a double to break it up.

Katie said...

When Maksim Chmerkovskiy comes back to dance, EVERYONE's a winner.

Sounds like our Twins. Feel bad for the other guy, even when he's kicking your ass.

Jay said...

Speaking of Swisher...have you seen his latest facial abomination? It's red, it's pointy, it's disgusting.

Kayla said...

another reason to think nick swisher resides in hell:



PatGLex said...

I don't get the Twins down here in Kentucky, so my only priority was the DWTS Top 10 Dances and the results show. Well worth it for Maks, particularly Maks and Mel B. Wowsa.

But I'm glad that I will get to see the Twins on Sunday on ESPN. Yay!

Katie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only DWTS fan around here.

I couldn't believe Mario Lopez beat out both Maks and Mel's Paso and Drew and Cheryl's freestyle to have the TOP dance ever. Phft.