Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't worry boys, I make poor choices too sometimes.

Those Girls did everything they could to help the team win yesterday. The lucky shirt, the matching lucky pony necklaces, numerous "drop drop drop" chants, but I'm afraid the absence of the Cotton Candy Milkshakes and the crazy amount of pre-game horribly-bad omens was too much for even us to overcome. Personally, I think a lot of the trouble started when they had a school band bang out a loud "musical tribute to firefighters" on the field while Boof was warming up. You could tell that it threw him off. You try doing your job with cymbals and bass drums crashing around when you're trying to concentrate.

There were a few other pre-game things that rubbed me the wrong way but I will keep it at that.

Really, this musical faux pas was just the first of many, many poor decisions that would follow for the Twins. Boof made some poor pitch choices. Delmon made a really poor baserunning decision. Jesse Crain made a "throwing the ball to no one" blunder. The home plate umpire made some horrible ball/strike decisions.

Hey, we all make poor choices sometimes. We deal with it and move on. It is not the end of the world.

Looking at the positive, even with all the poor choices, it never felt like we were out of it until the very last out. Imagine the same game last season. Uglier, right?

I think it's a really good time to do some more goal-setting exercises. I think our goal for today should be to make it a dumb-mistake-free game, and hopefully avoid a sweep in the process. Go team.

Jesse Crain gets a hug because people were really really mean to him. Poor Jesse.

This is another good example of why I would make a terrible professional athlete. I'm too oppositional-defiant...if people yelled mean things at me, I would be tempted to say "Screw you, now I'm going to intentionally walk runs in until I'm forcibly removed from the field, just to irritate you more." As my partner in thought-crime pointed out to me, I "would be DFA'd pretty fast." Jesse Crain (and Boof, and really, the entire rest of the boys) handle it much much better. They try to do good things for us even after people yell obscenities at them. I love them for that.

And here's our Fan of the Game and a little craigslisty Missed Connection:

Dear Boy sitting alone wearing Zubaz,

I wanted to tell you that I liked your pants, but you would've thought I was being mean and sarcastic. And I wasn't. So I didn't tell you. But I do like your pants, or at least the confidence it takes to wear them.

In other news, Jason Tyner did a little trash-talking about the Twins releasing him. It's OK, Jason. I was angry too. We understand.

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S.Rail said...

Tyner does the Trash Talking because he doesn't want to share his true emotions about wanting to be back in a Twins uniform.