Monday, May 12, 2008

Catching up.

Like many of our Minnesota Twins, I haven't been feeling 100%, so I'm slow on blogging the rest of the Red Sox series. Here's the Reader's Digest Condensed Version:

I've actually decided to deny the existence of Saturday on the Time-Space Continuum. Which makes it really easy to write about.

Sometime after midnight, when time and space started existing again, I had a dream. It was not in any way an interesting or noteworthy dream. But David Aardsma was there.

He was just there....hanging around my dream, in full uniform (except it was his White Sox uniform, actually). This is odd, because my conscious mind gives very, very little consideration to David Aardsma. Clearly my subconscious has different ideas. Anyway. In my dream, I said to David Aardsma, "Did you know that your name is a lot like 'Aardvark'?" David said that he did NOT realize that. I then said something like "You should probably pay more attention to things like that." David agreed and then continued to hang around. The lesson here is that my subconscious mind and my conscious mind are actually not that different, because that is totally what I would say to David Aardsma if I ever saw him hanging around my house. If anyone knows anything about dream interpretation, by all means, let me know what you think this means.

Alexi is back. I'm not that excited about it. I do hope he makes friends with someone this time, so they can call him when he's late for games and remind him that he plays baseball professionally.

Jason Tyner is back in the big leagues, and I am WAY more excited about that. Suddenly I'm very anxious to play Cleveland again. Which I never thought I would say. I miss Jason Tyner.

As for the actual game, I like the Mother's Day games. Pink bats are fun.

In general, I love ESPN to an abnormal degree. (Kenny Mayne is always on my short list of people I'd most like to be trapped with on a deserted island.) But I HATE watching Twins games on ESPN. I frequently had to yell through the screen to remind them that, no matter how much they tried to make it sound differently, WE WERE WINNING. Like...the WHOLE game. My favorite ESPN moments were: the repeated butchering of names (Joe Moyer, Ellsworth, etc.), trying to say the Red Sox scored 2 runs when they only scored 1, and congratulating the SOX baserunners for getting back to their bases when Mike Lamb made an amazing catch.

Craig Monroe was definitely my boyfriend on Sunday.

Kubel who?

My favorite part of the game, aside from the obvious winning, was Bert's play-by-play of Boof tearing apart a baseball. Very entertaining.

Also very entertaining to me was Clay Buchholtz's excessive amount of Neck Accessories.

And the fact that the starting pitchers had matching numbers: Also very entertaining.

The Sandlot Crew (Mauer, Morneau and Cuddyer) were all awesome tonight.

They probably all would have been Co-Boyfriends for the night, until Cuddy set himself apart from the crowd by catching a baseball off his cap. Go Cuddy!


MPLS Fats said...

My man-crush for the night was livan. He is slowly starting to become one of my favorite players. He just goes out there and non-chalantly throws. You gotta love a guy who is 6-1 and tops out at 85mph. Usually, he is as cool as the other side of the pillow too, except last night when he caught that screamer hit back to him and he spiked it back into the turf. Keep eating those innings Livan.

Jessica said...

First, I think your dream means that you are hungry for some of those chocolate covered ants.??

Second thanks to the twins for taking down the sox. The Rays will try to repay the favor next time we meet some AL Central teams.

Jay said...

The ESPN commentary was ridiculous. Did you catch when they called Nick Blackburn, Nick "Blackberry"?

Mpls fats, I wish he would have taken a big bite out of that baseball, like an apple.

MPLS Fats said...

Agreed Jay. I wasn't a big fan of the ESPN commentary on either night, but any break from Dick and Bert is always re-freshing once and a while unless its McCarver or Buck.

I was watching the ESPN feed last night too, what did Bert say when Livan made that snag - did he mention what an athlete those pitchers are?

Ava Slowey said... I was at Sunday's game and when David Aardsma was warming up there were drunk guys that did a little "woop" everytime he threw the ball to the catcher (while warming up) and then a "woop" (lower note) when the catcher tossed it back. It was super funny! I wish we could have got the whole section to join in so that it would have been on ESPN too! It was awesome!

k-bro said...

Well, the anagram for David Aardsma is "Drama Add Visa". So, perhaps it means you will be charging tickets to a play. Probably a play about the White Sox and aardvarks. Why you would go to a play about White Sox and aardvarks is beyond me, but who can argue with fate?

Dear mpls fats,
To answer your question -- when Livan spiked the ball, Bert was speculating that he did it because he was mad at himself for the locaction of that ball. I hollered at the TV, "um, no, I'm pretty sure he did that because it hurt like a s.o.b."