Thursday, May 8, 2008

Carlos Gomez is my new bicycle.

Someone totally needs to make a Carlos Gomez Is Your New Bicycle website for us Twins fans.

I realized today, even BEFORE the game tonight, that I talk about Carlos Gomez way, WAY more than I probably should. I find ways to work Carlos Gomez into completely unrelated conversations with people who could not care LESS about Carlos Gomez. "Guess what Carlos Gomez said today..." creeps into my vocabulary on pretty much a daily basis. I can't get enough of the kid.

And then he goes and hits for the cycle tonight.


This is going to do absolutely nothing to discourage my increasing infatuation. Marketing folks really need to get on top of this phenomena, because I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to make ALL of my consumer purchasing decisions based solely on the product preferences of Carlos Gomez.

Kudos to Livan too, for one heckuva complete game.

I wonder who was more pissed off at themselves...Punto, for not running out that bunt, or Buehrle when he got taken out of the game. Punto's seething rage seemed to last a bit longer, but Buehrle definitely seemed more violent.

I'm neither a mother, nor a cancer survivor, so I can't really judge....does Nick Swisher's (and Bobby Jenks, and a couple other guys') pink facial hair help? Does it make mothers and/or cancer patients/survivors feel happy, or hopeful or inspired or something? If it does, then more power to 'em, obviously. kind of just seems weird and creepy to me. I get the pink bats. It's a thoughtful statement on the part of Major League Baseball. But creepy facial hair seems above and beyond.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Yeah, Buehrle can really throw a good temper tantrum. It is entertaining in that awkward/uncomfortable way.

L said...

Carlos Gomez IS my boyfriend. I'm glad someone else works him into daily conversation. It makes me feel a lot better...even people out here in Boston who pay no attention what so ever to any form of baseball know who Gogo is.

I liked when they showed him just smiling.

He is utterly adorable.

Kaiser said...

Katie, you clearly hate all women.


linda said...

I seem to work him in the conversations most days too.

James said...

I think the pink goatee is a sweet gesture. Maybe the White Sox marketing people can do a giveaway and raise money for cancer

Katie said...

You mean give away Nick Swisher?

I don't know who would want/be crazy enough to take him home with them....but if they keep him far, far away, I'm all for it.