Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Venting and Guest Commentary

We were at the Dome last night, after the awesome "Oh It's that Lipgloss Official Joint-Blog Happy Hour" with Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball. Good times.

The game on the field was awesome. WE however were unable to fully enjoy it because we sat by The Worst Twins Fans D-Bags EVER. They pretty much ruined the game for us. I thought I'd feel better in the morning, hence the delayed blogging, but I'm still pretty cheesed off. To the point where trying to say anything awesome, cute or clever about the game seems impossible.

You are hereby Xed.
(Dear D-Bags, as grown men on the riper side of forty, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You make Nick Swisher look like a upstanding, mentally-balanced young man.)

On the flip side, the White Sox fans in our section were nothing but kind, courteous, polite and great ambassadors for their team. Even the kid in the Swisher t-shirt. Good job boys.

I hate to leave the blog all crabby and cranky, so I thought some guest commentary was in order.

I always love when A.J. Pierzynski and Boof battle it out. Not because it's a grudge match between two players traded for each other...but because I see it as an epic battle for my heart and affection.

So, here to comment on the imaginary rivalry, are A.J. Bearzynski and Boof Bonsbear:

BB: Well, I think it's pretty obvious who was the best yesterday.
AJ: Oh,
BB: I was actually talking about ME, A.J.
AJ: Really? Because I was pretty great last night.
BB: EIGHT strikeouts in seven innings, man. I'm the best.
AJ: You think so. But the real question is which one of us THOSE girls liked the best.
BB: Again...Me.
AJ: Look kid, I was a baseball boyfriend before your name was even BOOF.
BB: Maybe so, but now I wear 26, and I'm the boyfriend. Deal with it.
AJ: Hmm. Speaking of that, for a nominal fee, That Girl could take my name off her 26 jersey and put yours on....but has she done that? NO.
BB: Yeah...but does she have a magical lucky t-shirt for you that makes you win whenever she remembers to wear it?
AJ: No. But did she make a Build-a-Bear of you?
BB: Dude, LOOK at me.
AJ: Right. Dumb question. But she obviously didn't love you enough to buy you shoes.

BB: That's only because by the time she finished buying all of your ridiculous accessories, you cost like $200. She doesn't like high-maintenance men bears.
AJ: Whatever. These shades are BOMB.
BB: Well, I have better hair.
AJ: Oh please. I was perfectly tousled last night.

BB: OK. Fine. We have equally good hair. Happy now?
AJ: Damn straight.
BB: My favorite part of the game was when I ran the ball over to 1st base myself to get your ass out.
AJ: Yeah, I'll admit, that was pretty awesome. But are you the Boyfriend of the Day???
BB: Um...yes, actually. I totally am.
AJ: Really?! I thought it'd be Kubel. Or Young.
BB: Nope. I played--->I looked cute--->I was awesome--->I won the game--->I get to be the boyfriend. That's our standing agreement.

He's right....that IS our agreement. So congratulations Boof on another stunning Boyfriend victory.

Don't worry A.J. I still love you and your perfectly tousled hair too.

A Congrats and Thank You is also in order for Boone Logan who decided to shave that nasty beard:

Thank you Boone for trying to make our sitting in the Seats of Misery worthwhile by looking adorable right in front of us.

A.J. Bearzynski is originally from Navy Pier, Chicago. He currently resides on a shelf in my closet.

Boof Bonsbear is originally from the Mall of America, but currently ALSO resides on a shelf in my closet.


John Staton said...

It's a sad day indeed when White Sox fans are more courteous than Twins fans.

And I also have recently had a bad Twins fan experience down here in Texas in the middle game of the last Rangers series. Two d-bags got drunk and yelled at Boy Scouts (no lie). At least I was there to convince the Rangers fans that not all Twins fans are like the two that were trying to start fights.

Katie said...

To make matters worse, the dude in full Derek Jeter Worship-apparel was also a heck of a lot nicer than those guys.

I saw a huge group of boyscouts in the stands. That's just not right. Especially when the guys on the team are generally such nice guys. I'd hate to have a few d-bag fans make them look bad.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey, at least you didn’t end up climbing over the seats and biting them.

Well played Those Girls, well played.

Great seeing you gals again!!!

Katie said...

That's probably only because The Other Girl said "I refuse to get in your car if you're covered in blood from biting some guy's throat out with your teeth."

It's good to have friends that keep you in check.

MG said...

wait, you get yankees fans at YOUR games??? i thought it was just us. i was starting to take it personally.

really there is no excuse. in our case, i just sit there and yell, "ARE YOU LOST? YOU DIDN'T GET OFF THE 7 TRAIN TO CONNECT TO THE 4 UPTOWN?"