Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Somewhere, hell is freezing over.

Um...it almost hurts me to say it.

But I'm a little bit in love with Juan Rincon right now.

It was almost as if he too was trying to win our love. As if he said to himself "I don't get to steal bases or hit homeruns. I'm never going to pitch a complete game shut-out. And really, as far as even pitching one solid inning of relief, I can't really be trusted. But there is ONE thing that I can do to make Those Girls love me too."

And then he did it.

He smacked Torii Hunter with his first pitch to him.

Torii looked PISSED. Which only just made it all the more satisfying.

Sure, I suppose it's possible that he only did it on accident.

But it's so much hotter if it was intentional.

Juan Rincon: International Badass.

Other than that....not much awesomeness tonight. Bert said "I like last night's game better." Me too, Bert. Me too.


L said...

Bert always speaks the truth.

Though I don't really like that Juan hit Torii... that did not sit well with me.

Katie said...

Yes, we are definitely not Torii apologists here. When some folks walked into Hubert's with Hunter Angels jerseys on, we were ready to throw down.

He broke up with US. He is the enemy.

k-bro said...

I think it was an excellent catharsis for everyone when Juanie hit Torii. It’s as if he was saying, “Ok, Hunter, you’ve got your video tribute, you’ve got your standing-o, you’ve got your Gold Glove, and now all the love is over. From this moment henceforth, you’re just another opposing player on just another opposing team. It’s not about you anymore.” Of course, he totally didn’t mean to hit him because the newspaper quoted him saying so.


Katie said...

"Torii--It's not about you anymore!" would make an AWESOME sign for someone to take to the Dome for this series.

Anonymous said...

He left us? right... it has nothing to do with the fact that mgmt didn't offer him A) a contract extension a year and a half ago and B) never even came close to a five year deal. Hunter said multiple times he would take a discount.

how about if you take your poor theories and take a walk. And for the record... I was wearing an angels jersery last night.

I feel like you Hunter haters are just jealous because the Twins are the farm team for the rest of the MLB teams... have fun watching Gomez and Young turn into all-starts and then mgmt trading them or not signing them in their prime. Good luck this year, twins fans, you'll need it.

Katie said...

Poor theories?

How's this one...if you bought yourself an Angels jersey, you have more money than sense. Go cheer for A-rod or something.

Karleeee said...

second best thing last night:
Torii Hunter missing the ball, he got a bad hop but still. I laughed hard. And pointed and laughed.