Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Opening Day '08: Our Day in Pictures

Those Girls survived an annoyingly slow, but not totally awful, trip to the Dome. Here's what it looked like from my car when we parked by Hubert's:

We spent the entire afternoon camped out at the bar, greatly enjoying the fact that, once again, baseball was everywhere. We split our attention watching the Royals beat the Tigers, and the Brewers and the Cubs. We gifted our waitress Nancy with some of our baseball cookies. She liked them. Enough to hug us.

The walk from Hubert's to Gate E at the Dome was, quite possibly, the most un-fun time I have ever had at a baseball game. Sloppy gross freezing disgustingness. No thank you. This is not baseball weather.

Then, once they mercifully opened the doors, we made the trek up to the precipice of Mt. Dome. Sec. 223, Row 31. Yeah. The very last row up behind home plate. Here's what the Dome looks like from waaaaaaaay up there.

Luckily, I got a sweet new camera for my birthday that allowed us to zoom enough to be able to see what Waldo was up to in Center Field. I like to call this photo "Where's Waldo." If you click on it, it's easier to find him. For those of you not familiar with him...he wears that white hardhat thing.

Some introductions are in order: Metrodome, Everybody. Everybody, this is the Metrodome.

Now, when WE get stuck 31 rows up at the Top of the Dome, trips up and down the steps are kept to a minimum. Apparently the rest of the people in our row disagreed, as they made us get up and down a minimum of 4 times an inning. Seriously people, consolidate trips or something. OR, if you like going up and down stairs that much, buy yourself a stairmaster and stay home. Leave the BASEBALL watching to the pros. Like us. I quite literally hated everyone in our row by the end of the 5th inning.

But, all the same, it was nice to see familiar faces. Like Cute Beer Guy. And the "Cards or Quarters?" Cotton Candy Man. And yes, even the Malt Cup Kid:

As everyone knows already, the game itself was....awesome. There's no other word to describe it. Carlos Gomez clearly was trying very, very hard to earn love. And for that, plus the 2 stolen bases, 2 runs, and out-running a bad bunt, he is, obviously, our Boyfriend.

Dang, that kid is fast.

It was especially satisfying watching Joe Nathan strike Torii out in the 9th. I had the whole at-bat on video...but the big head guy in front of me kept sticking his big head in the frame.


The walk back from the Dome to my car at Hubert's was equally miserable. Especially since we had to make our way down the sidewalk while some guys were pitching frozen slush-balls at each other. My partner in blogging got hit in the back. It was kind of bullshit. The least those boys could have done was scrape together their frozen slush off my windshield. As it was...here's the "after" picture from my car:

If the drive to the Dome was annoyingly slow, the drive home was excruciating. Our drive took twice as long as it should. But we lived to tell the tale of the Great Opening Day Blizzard of '08...so it's all good. Gosh, I almost forgot how much fun it is to watch our Twins win at home. All is right with the world.

Next up for Those Girls, live Twins Games-wise: Twins v. Rays April 16th. When we sit close enough to Jason Bartlett that he will totally hear us when we yell "We miss you Jason!"


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Awesome pics!!! I was too wired last night and ended up putting my pictures in a video montage (posted on my site.)
I am going to be at the April 17 game to give Barty a shout-out.

k-bro said...

Your pictures are great! Thanks for posting them. I especially like the cookies (but then, who doesn't like cookies?). I'm glad the Twins made it worth you having to brave the snowstorm for.


Kayla said...

SCREW YOU GUYS! you're so lucky... i begged my dad for about 18.888889 years to go to the tampa games.. we, obviously, can't.. just bring pictures, okay?

also: i've been reading your blog secretly, like a ninja, for awhile. you're all quite amazing.

Katie said...

Oh, don't you worry Kayla. We are going to take so many pictures of Jason Bartlett, it's going to be insane. And if my camera is good enough to capture Waldo from across the Dome, we should be able to see Jason's nosehairs from our seats that day.