Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not this time, Byrd! Not THIS time.

Let's do some reflection and put things in perspective a little:

Last season, the number of games the Twins won against Cleveland was equal to the number of series where Cleveland swept us. (Four. We won four games. FOUR. Out of EIGHTEEN.)

With the two wins at the Dome this weekend, we have officially tied the number of home wins the Twins had against Cleveland the entire last season (both of which we were physically present for. Coincidence? I think not.)

I wish I could include the number of profanities and general threats of physical violence I have yelled at Paul Byrd in this little equation, but I lost count last summer.

Anyway, the point is, taking the first series from felt good. It felt real good.

Denying Paul Byrd another victory over felt even better. When Brendan Harris hit his homerun, I imagined him thinking defiantly, "Not this time, Byrd! Not THIS time." Of course, Brendan didn't actually play for us last season so he didn't suffer quite the same humiliation at the hand of Byrd that the rest of the boys did. But Tampa only won 2 of 10 games against the Indians, and in Harris's one game against Byrd, he went 0-for-4. So I'm going to keep the dream alive and continue believing that's what he was thinking, because it makes me smiley and warm inside.

There was a lot of good today. It was a real team effort, too. Brendan hit his 1st homerun in a Twins uniform. Gomez showed some pluck and even though he wasn't so hot offensively he proved that he could still contribute with a good sacrifice and an amazing miraculous diving catch to thwart Cleveland momentum. Mike Redmond got his first hit of the season. Baker had an awesome game. The bullpen kept their cool and kept the bad guys quiet. Justin came through in the clutch with the game-winning RBI.

I cannot decide which part I liked the best. I've tried. But they are all my favorites.

So today, going into the off-day.....everybody is a Boyfriend. Think of it as positive reinforcement.

Boys, for some of you, this might be the only time you will get to be blog Boyfriends here (you know who you are). Unfortunately, the world isn't fair, and sometimes we play favorites....sue us. But for today, you are ALL favorites. Make the most of your day in the sun. Revel in all of the Boyfriend Glory. Congratulations. Thank you for your hard work.

Good talk.


L said...

I love the 'Good Talk' at the end. Everyone needs a little Red Dog in their life.

And Harris totally yelled that at Paul Byrd. Really, any decent human being would.

Katie said...

Precisely. Everyone with a beating heart should despise Paul Byrd and seek to thwart his nefarious plans for world domination.