Saturday, April 12, 2008

I <3 Boof

I feel an eensy bit guilty about NOT giving Jason Kubel a B.O.D. nod tonight. Because I actually said out loud, "Jason if you really want me to like you, you should hit a homerun right now." And then he hit a homerun. I feel like I led him on a little. And then he scored the only other run of the night as well. So, kudos to Jason K. for that.

But Jason, much as I appreciate (and encourage, really) your desperate need for my approval, when you're up against Boof, my very favoritest current Twins player, who pitched a shut-out 6 innings and got his first win of the season....Sorry.

Boof wins.

Every time.

Good Job Boof! Yay!

And in honor of this special day, and this special Boyfriend....I am totally busting out the "Boof eating a towel" picture in celebration.

Oh, "Boof eating a towel," how we've missed you! It's really good to have you back.

And keep your chin up Jason Kubel. Keep at it, and you'll be a boyfriend someday too! Just probably on a day when Boof isn't pitching.


L said...

Boof looks absolutely adorable.

k-bro said...

Yay! My favorite picture!


Corey E. said...

to Q-Ball not being the B.O.D. Whats a guy gotta do?

Katie said...

Do something awesome when we actually need him to be awesome, and do it when Boof is not equally awesome...and adorable.

Honestly though, part of it is that I've grumbled so much about Kubel in the past, I'd feel hypocritical jumping on this super-bizarro "Yay Jason Kubel" Blog-wagon/Crazy Train now.