Friday, April 18, 2008

Even Numbers Suck

I don't like 2-game series.

A) They're too short to seem meaningful.
B) When we play teams I kind of like (ie the Rays), these series tend to push the pause button on my uber-competitive, slightly blood-thirsty, nature. And they inspire a Sesame Street-like desire to share and cooperate in musical harmony.

"La La La. One game for us. La La La. One game for you. La La La. Cheer and Shout, cuz that's what fairness is all aaaa-bouuut!"

So, I'm not nearly as upset about last night's loss as I should probably be. I mean, I would RATHER the Twins win EVERY game. And I hate it when Boof loses. (But I can't really stay mad at him.)

If it was a three-game series, I'd say "well, somebody's gotta win. It might as well be us! GRRRR!" But, as it is......Oh well.

Even Steven. Sharing is Caring.

Now, when we play our four game series in TB in September, we can have 2 games, and they can have 2 games.

Even numbers suck.

Yes, I realize that it evens out to six games when we play two 3 game series too. But I just think that separating them into odd numbered series is more conducive to my being blood-thirsty, and is therefore preferable.

I think that Brian Bass needs a hug after last night's game. Poor lil' fella. First he has to carry the My Little Pony backpack, then he gets hurt right off the bat.

Brian, I wish I knew more about you, so I could say nice things about you to make you feel better. But you're really new. You seem like a nice kid though. I hope you get well soon.

And now we play Cleveland, so I can be vengeful again. Maybe someone can hit Grady Sizemore for me. That'd be awesome.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Ah, here come the Grady's Ladies.

Tricia said...

Crap--Cleveland! I'm a little bit scared about how this series is going to turn out after last year's 3-122 record against the Indians. Well...that's how it felt!

Kaiser said...

Apparently something about the Rays makes Twins bloggers channel Sesame Street.