Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Deal with Garza and other random thoughts.

Matt Garza's Mystery Injury. Did he have it while he was here? Did the Twins hide it to make him a viable trade candidate? Gardy says no. Gardy says this is the first he's heard of the ouchie. Gardy, while saying he doesn't want to call Garza a liar, pretty much calls Garza a liar.
"If he said he was hurt, I'm not going to call him a liar or anything like that," Gardenhire said. "But he should have let us know that he might have had an injury. Normally, it's good when the team you are pitching for knows that. But I doubt that he had any injuries here."
Reading about this makes me feel really uncomfortable and vaguely queasy. Like, when you're a kid and you hear your parents arguing. "Please don't fight, I love you both!"

I don't think it's necessary to jump right to the liar-liar-pants-on-fire explanation here. Given the already tense relationship Garza had with Twins management and coaches, and his "frustration" with having to pitch in Rochester, it's really not out of the realm of possibility that Garza wouldn't mention a health issue that didn't necessarily impede his pitching performance. God forbid he would have to serve a rehab stint anywhere but the Bigs, y'know?

The Rays wouldn't take Juan Rincon as part of the deal because they thought he was injured. But turns out, he's totally healthy. Kind of sucky at baseball, but healthy. Oh, the irony.

The folks at Rays Index have mused that the Rays organization could seek compensation from the Twins if they can prove that the team concealed the injury pre-trade. I think that Juan Rincon would be awesome compensation in that event. Maybe throw in some Metrodome Cheese Cups for hot pretzels....those things are a buck a piece! Solid gold, baby. Or...liquid gold, I suppose. Whatever.

Anyway, the hot pretzel cheese cups make for an excellent transition to my next point. Sportservice has been chosen to provide the concessions for the new ballpark. This is pretty exciting for Those Girls. Sportservice currently runs the concession end of things for the Brewers, along with a bunch of other teams. The Brewers have waffle fries. And REAL daiquiris in cute little daiquiri glasses with the Brewers logo on them. We have been suffering from concession envy in a big way. Throughout this whole planning/building process, we've been pretty vocal in our demand that the Twins' new park ALSO have both waffle fries (preferably served in plastic twins helmets) AND real daiquiris in cute little daiquiri glasses with the Twins logo on them. The news that Sportservice is the vendor makes this so much closer to becoming a reality. I'm considering trying to make this quest of ours a real movement. I'm thinking about making buttons that say something like "Give Us Waffle Fries or Give Us Death!"

Next random thought. I am starting to really like Matt Tolbert. This is big news, because I don't adjust to change well. (With the exception of Carlos Gomez. I jumped on the Gomez Express pretty quickly, actually.) And I kind of blamed Matt Tolbert for not having Brian Buscher around. But I am starting to like him in spite of all that. In addition to being pretty gosh darn good at baseball, I suspect the kid has some personality too. Those are my two favorite things.

Oh, and the crap weather has shifted the pitching rotation again. Putting us in line to see Livan Hernandez again at the Dome on Wednesday. This means that Kevin Slowey's
injury was in vain. Poor kid. Maybe there will be more rainouts this weekend. Selfishly, I have my fingers crossed.


Curveball said...

I'm sure there was a review of physical papers and such on all players in the trade, which seems to be the fashion these days, as well as a good going over of Garza sometime during the off-season. All players ARE given .

Besides, Garza had a pretty good season last year with the Twins, didn't he?

Katie said...

I just don't think Garza would straight up lie about this. Maybe, but there's no reason for it. That just seems weird to me.

Pre-Tommy John, Liriano was still having pain and whatnot even when all the tests they ran showed nothing wrong. So, it's totally possible for Garza to have an issue with a nerve that nobody caught.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Sign me up for your Waffle Fries Revolution! Viva La Waffle Fries!

Jay said...

Never liked the guy. Can't trust a guy that spits that much.

Katie said...

He did spit a LOT.

And it didn't really look like normal spit. It was weird spit.

Karleeee said...

That stuff coming out of his mouth wasn't spit.

It was angst.

Katie said...

Well, that explains why it was so stringy I guess.