Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Big Hurt in Oakland Indeed.

Let's look at the numbers from this Liriano start.

Innings pitched: 2/3

ERA: 81.00 (EIGHTY-ONE!)

WHIP: 12.00 (that's a LOT)

Opponents' Batting Average: .889

#Hits/9 Innings: 67.50 (only THAT low because of the bazillion walks handed out)

Those are some pretty big numbers.

Carlos Gomez gets a hug because his Home Run Thunder got stolen by Liriano's suckiness.

I'm sorry Carlos :( But I really liked how you came up to the plate and pretty much said, "Oh, you want to send me down? I don't think so." If the Oakland fans weren't so loud, I'm sure I could have heard Denard Span yell "Dammit!" when you hit your home run. Then you had a successful bunt too! Good boy, Carlos. Me gusta.

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L said...

Good call for the hug. I got so excited about that homerun...then...nope.