Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bells and Whistles

There were only 18 people at the game in Oakland tonight. But those 18 people were frickin' LOUD.

If I have nightmares tonight, they will no doubt be laced with off-key high school pep bands, and a "Let's Go Oakland" chant that will not die. This marks the first time I've gotten a headache from watching the game in the comfort of my own home. I mean, at the Dome I expect noise, and the headaches that come with being forced to twist my neck at angles god never intended in order to see any of the game....but having Oakland give me a headache from across the country is new.

With Nick Swisher packing his cowboy boots for Chicago and Eric Chavez on the DL, I was so much less terrified of the A's tonight than I usually am. Sure, they mostly still all look like they got drafted right out of their respective correctional juvenile bootcamps, but the line-up is just a little less scary now.

Craig Monroe is the Boyfriend of the Day.

Good job, Craig! I had a feeling you were going to be the hero sometime soon. I actually thought it was going to be when you pinch hit on Sunday...but one game later works too. Anyone who so thoroughly makes Oakland their bitch is all right with me. We're cool now.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Did you see that one guy in the crowd that kept doing the "shoulder-brush" dance?

Katie said...

Oh yeah. If you missed the second half, you must've missed the guy yelling that Pat should "go play softball."

I guess when the place is empty, the sound really carries.

L said...

The shoulder brush guy was ridiculous. So was the random trumpeting in the background.