Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back in Black.

Way to go Boyfriend Morneau. When you break out of a slump, you do it in style. 3 run homers are pretty sweet. Keep doing that.

Confession time: I think I may have, accidentally, broken Kevin Slowey with my mind. The other day I was looking at the schedule, and plotting out the probable pitching rotation to see who we're going to see on April 16th. Our seats are close to the bullpen, which means Happy Fun Pre-game Pitcher Warm-up Time. The way it worked out, it looked like Livan was our man. Which is fine. He's doing good. But, honestly, I just wasn't that excited about up close and personal warm-up time with him. I know he's not icky like Sidney Ponson...but I kept remembering the time when Sidney stuck his hand down his pants and, um, adjusted himself right in front of us. Needless to say, now when our seats are that close to the pitchers, I'd really prefer it to be pitchers we really like, so if they feel the need to adjust themselves in our presence we don't throw up in our mouths.

So, I may have offered up a little wish to the baseball gods to do something to make it so a different pitcher pitches that day. I was thinking more along the lines of Gardy messing around with the rotation because of the off-day on Tuesday. But nope. The baseball gods can be cruel. Kevin Slowey's ouchie is bad enough that he is going to miss a start, and instead of calling up a pitcher to replace him in the rotation, Gardy's just skipping him on the off-day and keeping everybody else in order. Which means Livan moves up a day, and according to my calculations, will be probable for that Tuesday's game instead of Wednesday. Leaving BOOF to pitch on Wednesday April 16th. Which is, obviously, kind of perfect for me. Aside from the Kevin being hurt part. Which I am deeply, deeply sorry for. I love Kevin. He actually has the most entertaining warm-up routine of any of our pitchers.

Now, Cuddy's ouchie....totally not my fault. No one can accuse me of being a Denard Span fan, so someone else out there takes the blame for wishing for that one. The number one suspect? Denard Span.


L said...

I'm so sad you broke Kevin...but Dernard is totally to blame for Cuddy. It's got to be voodoo or something.

Kayla said...

YOU CAUSED KEVIN'S INJURY? you're lucky i don't have a shotgun