Saturday, April 5, 2008

As Go-Go goes, so goes the game.

Last night proved it. When Gomez has a good game, everybody has a good game. And when he doesn' know.

For right now at least, Carlos Gomez makes the weather in the Metrodome.

So then, what can we do to make Carlos Gomez have good games ALL the time? What can we do to keep this kid happy and healthy? He's 12, so what do 12 year-olds like? Lollipops? Playboys? Wii bowling? Whatever it takes, let's make sure he gets it.


TwinsGoddess said...

Maybe a Happy Meal.

k-bro said...

Sleeping in, skittles, video games, Dairy Queen blizzards, and farting. That's what 12 year old boys like.


Kayla said...

dear god. thank you, really, for the images of carlos gomez and a playboy. maybe go-go has.. other meaning..*

let's just get him halo 3, rock band, and guitar hero 3. and monsters. energy drinks. DUDE. IMAGINE HIM WITH A RED BULL. and wings.

*i am in a perverse mood, my deepest apologies.