Sunday, March 2, 2008

Whew. [Twins 8-BoSox 2]

Never, NEVER underestimate the magical power of artificial cotton-candy flavoring. Clearly the baseball gods were pleased with my sacrifice and granted us a spectacular victory. Go us.

Denard Span is trying really hard to make me like him, what with playing the whole game and being pretty good at baseball thing. Jason Pridie is trying super hard too...2 for 2....2 RBI off the bench. Of course Nick Punto and Cuddy already know that I love them, they just like to show off their awesomeness.

Here's something that I think we should take away from our opponents' broadcast...their team was losing, but they were able to ignore and downplay that fact because they had footage from the Dancing with the All-Stars charity event the previous night. If I were a Red Sox fan (god forbid), I wouldn't even feel bad about losing because I would be too busy being entertained by a clip of shirtless Dustin Pedroia dancing like an idiot being shown roughly 117 times. [This Red Sox blog has pictures and video. If you haven't seen it should.] If I were a Red Sox fan (god forbid) I would think that was totally awesome. The announcers even started cracking up about it. So, I have this theory that if our team is going to be less than completely awesome this season (god forbid) the least they could do would be to have a similar dancing event. So then we could save up the footage, and whenever we're losing, just stop bothering to show the game and just show us the dancing baseball players instead. I think I would be OK with that.


L said...

I was watching the NESN broadcast out here and I saw that and just started LAUGHING. Paplebon's shirt mad my day, lacy and flowery. And I have no words about Pedroia. Personally, I would have preferred a shirtless Jacoby Ellsbury, but that's just me. And when Jerry and Don couldn't was just too funny.

I was pretty impressed with the whole team today. It is a good, good feeling. You might have to make the artificial cotton candy a ritual...sorry.

Katie said...
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Katie said...

We ALL would have preferred a shirtless Jacoby. hmmm.

Paplebon's shirt was the second best thing about my day today too. I loved how they were trying to understand his jeans too..."Are those horseshoes on the back? I don't know...they're really tight."

Yes. yes they are.

I'm ready to take one for the team on the cotton candy ice cream front. I once drank a milkshake at 9a.m. I'm dedicated.