Monday, March 10, 2008

Too Sick for Baseball?

Sort of. But not quite.

I've definitely been too sick to BLOG about baseball. I've been too sick to put my thought processes about the past three games in much more detail than:




And that doesn't make for a very entertaining read.

I know I owe Cuddy Boyfriend props from his 3-3 game against the Pirates. (I was too sick to even make pirate jokes OR Johnny Depp references....THAT's how sick I've been. What a waste.)

And Randy Ruiz gets the nod for today's game. I'll admit that I know NOTHING about Randy Ruiz other than he got suspended for using steroids, and he denied that he took them and blamed his positive pee test on taking viagra instead. So....either way, I don't really feel super warm and fuzzy about this guy.

But that double today was pretty fantastic. So, he can be the boyfriend for a day. Kind of a platonic, "no touching!" one-day-trial boyfriend. We'll see how that goes.

There's not a decent picture to be found of Mr. Ruiz, so I had to do a little DIY. I think it's a good likeness.


L said...

Cuddy's adorable.

Katie said...

Yeah. He's got to be one of the best boys ever.

And that's my all-time favorite picture of him.

JS said...

Oh my god... it's like a picture of a mirror with a reflection of Randy Ruiz in it!

Katie said...

I know. I could totally be a police sketch artist.