Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Three Vodka Loss [Twins 6-BoSox 7]

Those Girls missed listening to a good chunk of the game today while we were lunching with a friend who very patiently puts up with our obsessive compulsive baseball behaviors. I kept up with the score on my cell phone. It went something like this:

"We're still winning."

"Yup. We're still winning."

"Still winning."

"Still winning."

"Oh crap. We're losing."

We then were done eating so we could listen to the broadcast in the car.

Then we lost. Again.

It sucked. So, we went to a new sports bar.

I informed the bartender that the Twins just lost again and we were a tad cranky about it. Using some keen self-preservation instincts no doubt, he was pretty nice about it and did not make any smartass "We don't serve Twins fans" jokes as so many fellow Wisconsinites do. Smart man. Then he brought me vodka drinks. Three of them, rapidly and in succession. That was all I had time for before a 4:05 movie.

I learned a very important life lesson today:

There are not enough cocktails in the world to make Twins losses O.K., or to make "The Other Boleyn Girl" a tolerable movie to watch. Crap all around.

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L said...

I definitely did the same thing while I was in the library studying...minus the bar and vodkas.