Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So many new guys....

I was just sitting here, drinking some grape Propel. And that, obviously, made me think of Jason Bartlett, because that's his favorite too. And as soon as the familiar "I'm still sad Jason Bartlett is gone" feeling wore off, I started to panic a little bit.

It is less than 1 week before the Home Opener, and I have no idea what Matt Tolbert's favorite Propel flavor is.

I don't know what Brian Bass's middle name is, but I'm pretty sure it's not his last name spelled backwards. (Yes, I unapologetically miss Jason Tyner too).

I suddenly feel very ill-prepared for this season.

Google is very little help. Except that I now know that Brian Bass's middle name is Michael and Matt Tolbert's first name is Christopher. Nothing about Propel though. Or Easy Mac. Or Chipotle. Or Guitar Hero.


We are definitely going to need to "Get to Know 'Em" again, I think.

Otherwise, I'll be tempted to just make things up about everybody.


The Colonel said...

I literally laughed out loud on the emphasis you put on the tragedy of not knowing Matt Tolbert's favorite flavor of propel is. I don't think he even likes Propel, I believe he enjoys vitamin water and beef jerky.

I agree though, they should do a new Get to Know em' deal.

Anonymous said...

I truly think that you should be allowed to interview all the new guys so that we can learn this vital information. I bet the beat writers don't ask them what flavor Propel they like.

Katie said...

"Tragedy" is exactly the right word! Propel (and other beverage) choices are important. These are things we NEED to know about our players.