Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Odds and Ends

  • I think we won today. Every indication is that the Twins got 4 runs and the O's got 2. But the game summary on the Twins site says "Mauer stays hot with two-run homer, RBI single in loss." Which is weird. And confusing. Maybe it is opposite day, or "Play Baseball Like It Is Golf Day" and no one let me know.
  • Anyway, if indeed we DID win, Joe can be the boyfriend. 3 RBI is pretty good. Thanks Joe.

  • Lacking any Twins ball to listen to/watch, I watched the Yankees play the Virginia Tech squad. It was worth watching. I'll give credit where credit is due and say that it was a good thing the Yankee team did. It clearly meant so much to everyone involved. It just goes to show that baseball really is so much more than just a game.
  • Having had like 3 different strains of whatever hellacious flu bug is going around, I feel really bad for Scott Baker. It was bad enough for me, and I wasn't under pressure to be all physical and professionally basebally or anything. Poor guy.
  • Hey Scott, you know what helps ME when I'm sick? Sprite Zero and O.J mixed together, Red NyQuil*, and countless hours of Gilmore Girls on DVD. I know, I know...Gilmore Girls doesn't sound manly enough for a professional baseball player...but trust me on this. EVERYONE loves Gilmore Girls. It will make you feel better, I promise. You'll be up and at 'em before you know it.

*I know the caplets are more convenient and less disgusting, but the red liquid NyQuil works way better. So just man up and do the shot.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Aw man, you totally broke out Baby Jesus' photo shoot!

For the record the liquid stuff IS the best!

Becca said...

For me it is Advil Cold and Sinus and endless episodes of 90210.
**Becca** aka Twins Sisters

L said...

It's true-- everyone does love Gilmore Girls. I also really liked that the Yanks played VTech; it made them a lot less evil.