Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last "doesn't-count" day of 2008

Oh my gosh....the next time the Twins take the field, they'll be back home in the Dome!

I've already started my own preparations for Opening Day; the holiest of not-technically-holy days. Today was the Ceremonial Choosing of the Outfit, as well as the Traditional Mixing of the Cookie Dough for the Customary Baseball-Themed Cookies. The dough has to chill in the fridge overnight, so tomorrow will be the Festival of Baking and Decorating.

It's all very ritualistic.

It was nice to end the spring training schedule with a win, leaving us at .500 for the pre-season. Delmon Young did super good today, and made a convincing argument for himself to be a boyfriend. And so he is the final pre-season-doesn't-count boyfriend of 2008. Congratulations Delmon. I'm sure your big brother is really proud of you.

I was thinking today about how 2/3 of our starting outfielders haven't had much/any experience playing under the Dome. THAT should be entertaining. I know, I know...Delmon played those four games with the Devil Rays last I'm sure he's good to go.


k-bro said...

Don't forget that 3/4 of our starting infielders don't have any/much experience playing on that turf. But I'm sure they're good to go too.

Don't forget the peanuts and crackerjacks. =)


linda said...

Thanks for the clip of play. I'd heard all about it but had not seen it. Maybe it will be an interesting year.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Okay girls! Maybe we'll see you at Hubert’s tomorrow!!! Oh, and see you at the top of the freaking dome (damn 30 rows.)

Ava Slowey said...

Hey ladies!! Maybe we'll bump into each other tonight at opener! We can all say our fairwell to Jason together too...well fairwell from the Twins "officially" since tonight is opener. Not happy about the snow today! Good thing it's not 2010. yikes!
Also...we have this auction at the school i work for. they got 5 auto's from Twins players...the lady was asking me for prices for players...and said that there were 2 "no name players" that they got autos for. It was Delmon Young and Matty Guerrier. I was offended. Matty is not no named.