Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is Casey Kasem still around?

Because I have a special request and dedication for Nick Punto....

Jason Bartlett was awesome today. 3 for 4 with an RBI and a stolen base. I know I shouldn't be happy about that anymore, but old habits die hard.

Instead, I am supposed to be happy about Livan Hernandez. And I am working on it. Kicking a ball to first for an out is wicked cool, no doubt. By the time Monday night rolls around I will probably be able to muster at least a modicum of enthusiasm for the dude when he's announced as our starting pitcher. I'm thinking a solid 4 to 5 claps, with the possible addition of one moderate-volume "woo-hoo." We'll see how it goes.

Nothing too crazy though.

Nick Punto is the boyfriend today, for no other reason than I like him and he volunteered to play centerfield and I bet it was supercute.


L said...

The hilarious thing about Nicky playing center yesterday was that before the game, my co-blogger and I were talking about how he's the ultimate utility fielder and I said "Seriously-- you need a pinch-center fielder? Nicky's on it."

...and he was.

Karleeee said...

That song needs to be Nicks walk on song.
And also.
That whole "put me in skipper! I can play center! GOLLY GEE!".......

Reason 43098430980498 why I love him
I will never stop, even though he sucks.

Anonymous said...

That picture of LNP eating his bat might be even better than the picture of Boof! eating that towel.