Saturday, March 22, 2008

"I'm not even mad; that's amazing!"

So, the Anchorman quote isn't entirely accurate. I was a little bit mad about the loss to the Cards today. I may have said some things to Glen Perkins in the heat of the moment that were not very nice. Sorry Glen. I feel bad about it now.

But aside from the whole losing thing, I'm still pretty high on this game.

Boof's lead-off double was pretty much the most awesome thing ever. I love pitchers batting. I'm sure that if I was emotionally attached to, and obsessed with, a N.L. team, the novelty might eventually wear off. But as it is, watching our pitchers bat in interleague situations is one of my very favorite things. And Boof's performance at the plate today really just ensures that I will loudly suggest that they "let Boof pinch hit!" on no less than a dozen occasions throughout the season. This is an honor I previously reserved only for Santana and T.C. Bear. Good job Boof!

On a different note....

Carmen Cali...
Outrighted to Rochester.

Garrett Jones...
Outrighted to Rochester.

Q: What one thing do these two players have in common?

A: Hotness. Extreme hotness.

Q: OK...What one other thing do these two players have in common?


They were the only two players who actually wore the Ft. Myers shell necklaces some lady was handing out at Twinsfest.

Obviously these are cursed objects....highly dangerous. This should serve as a warning and cautionary tale for other baseball players. DO NOT WEAR SHELL NECKLACES!!!

(Several Twinsfest volunteers also wore the now I'm worried about them. Someone should check on them maybe.)

Coincidentally, Rochester, NY was recently voted the Most Attractive City in America.*

*In a highly scientific poll conducted by myself, using a sample of 4 people I know.


k-bro said...

Boof hitting a double? Seriously? That must have happened while I was in Cub (curse the groceries). Anyways -- very hot.

I love pitchers hitting too. And I don't think you'd get tired of it. I know a couple of rabid Cardinals fans, and they like it that pitchers hit.


Katie said... was an awesome hit. He looked so pleased with himself! Totally made the game.

L said...

I would definitely agree with that.

And I am practically geeking out over the fact that Boof hit a double.

JS said...

I guess that means I get to see 'Velvet' Jones in Pawtucket this year! YES.

Also, I was at the Mets game where Santana doubled. And pitched a complete game shut out. Cuddyer caught the last flyout and kindly handed it to Johan. It was possibly the greatest game I have ever attended.

Happy Easter.