Wednesday, March 5, 2008

People don't talk about Yetis enough. [Twins 7-NYY 5]

I have such a low tolerance for ESPN Yankee-shilling, it didn't take me long to switch from ESPN to just watching the YES broadcast on Sounds crazy, but Yankee-love is more tolerable to me coming from people who have every right, and contractual obligation, to love the Yankees. I actually enjoyed it a lot more that way. They were surprisingly complimentary to our boys, and gave credit where credit is due. And for an inning they kept pronouncing Pridie like "pretty" and it's so much cuter like that. He really should consider changing it. Boof can show him which forms to use.

It was a great game, wasn't it?

It would have been even greater if I hadn't made Shelley Duncan hit a homerun with my mind. I had literally just let the words "I really like Shelley Duncan even if he IS a Yankee" come out of my mouth, when BAM! Out of the park. Oops. My bad.

The most amazing part of the game (besides my amazing ability to control baseball players with my brainwaves)?

The Alejandro Machado sighting. I was stunned. Alejandro Machado is like a Yeti to me. You've heard the tales. There's some sketchy evidence of its existence. But you never actually SEE one. Until now. It was very exciting.

Alejandro Machado making his way back to the clubhouse.

But sorry Alejandro...Garrett Jones gets to be the Boyfriend today. Hitting a two run homer off of Joba Chamberlain to keep us in the game is a pretty impressive feat. And Garrett Jones is an impressively pretty man. It's hard to beat that.


Jeff said...

I hate to break it to you, but that Alejandro Machado photo is a fake. I'm pretty sure that's Johnny Damon, circa 2004. If it was Machado, that yeti would have been wearing our navy spring training jersey.

L said...

I thought the whole "Oh no, we're roasting Gardy again!" thing was funny with the ESPN guys. I liked their Morneau interview, too. I also love Garrett Jones-- he sort of reminds me of a dark haired Morneau. Especially when he is at first base.

Karleeee said...


It's their love child.
Simple fyi.