Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boyfriends and Brackets

First things first...good game tonight. Kevin Slowey was awesome, and (I'm assuming) completely adorable. 5 shut-out innings earns Kevin another good long look for a rotation spot and well-earned Boyfriend status for the day.

AP Photo

The news that we might be a smidge closer to signing Joe Nathan to an extension is almost enough to warrant the Happy Dance, but I think I will save it for an actual official announcement of some sort.

I'm doing OK with my March Madness brackets so far. But the Duke near-upset has me feeling less good about round two, because I picked Duke as my requisite Round 2 Upset. But now I'm thinking that after their almost-humiliation, they're going to be out for blood and win...just to spite me.

In other Bracket news....has anyone else filled out the MLB Movie Madness Brackets? Totally fun. I love baseball movies. The hardest match-ups for me:
  • Major League vs. Rookie of the Year.....I went with Major League, but I LOVE Rookie of the Year too. I frequently make reference to "the High Stinky Cheese" in general conversation. It weirds people out, I think.
  • The Natural vs. Hardball....I went with The Natural. It deserves it, because it's a better quality movie. But I have a special place in my heart for Hardball. Keanu's awkward monologues...Keanu rapping....that touching moment when G-Baby gets his jersey..."I'm blown away by your ability to show up"'s all so bad it's good.
  • Field of Dreams vs. The Sandlot. Two classics. And so different. How can you pick between them and not feel bad about it? (I ultimately went with Field of Dreams though)
  • (Baseball movie side-note: Both of Those Girls get irritated whenever we watch For Love of the Game, because the girlfriend is totally unreasonable. Especially when she gets upset after he cuts himself and says his trainer is the most important person right then. No duh. Get over yourself lady.)
My Final Four pitted Bull Durham against the Natural, and Field of Dreams against Damn Yankees. The Championship came down to Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, where Field of Dreams won out, mostly thanks to its high free-throw percentage.

Oh yeah. Johan had an awesome day too, striking out 7, plus hitting a double and scoring a run. In an alternate universe, I'd be super happy about that. But in this particular branch of reality, I'm just pretending not to care.


L said...

Definitely best to pretend to be indifferent to the Johan friends came back from Spring Break and one of them bought a Johan shirt, I think just to make me sad.

And Kevin was totally a frothing beast.

...what a bizarre haiku...

Katie said...

I think that Kevin LOVED referring to himself as a frothing beast. Shows a little lack of self-awareness...but totally cute.