Monday, March 3, 2008

A boyfriend-worthy performance [Twins8-Reds 6]

I was listening to the game in the car, and I promised Chris Basak that I would love him forever if he hit a walk-off homerun. And then he did.

I love Chris Basak so much right now, it doesn't really even bother me that he used to play for the Yankees.

I'm a little irritated that tomorrow's game is not being broadcast by anyone. C'MON! Boof is pitching...possible Jason Bartlett appearances...we're gonna miss all the good stuff!

This is B.S.


L said...

It is most certainly B.S. Especially if there is any chance of Matt Garza appearing...

One of the games I'm going to over Spring Break is actually a Twins vs Rays games...just so I have the opportunity to see my former Boyfriend.

Karleeee said...

Basak is greatness.
I want to watch that game so bad.
SOMEBODY record it!
fly to florida.
record it.